Sathyabama University ERP LMS Login Portal Online for Students

The Sathyabama University ERP LMS Login Portal is a vital digital doorway that gives students easy access to a vast array of learning resources and technologies. With its intuitive layout that simplifies many parts of the learning process, this extensive online platform is crucial in helping students at Sathyabama University shape their academic careers. The Sathyabama University ERP LMS Login Portal serves as a vital center for educators and students alike, offering a dynamic and engaging environment in which students may access course materials, turn in assignments, work with classmates, and get in touch with teachers. It functions as an adaptable online classroom that improves learning in general and creates a more productive and stimulating atmosphere for students.

The Sathyabama University ERP LMS login portal is a valuable digital companion for students on their academic journey, providing a plethora of educational options at their fingertips, thanks to features designed specifically to meet their needs.

Sathyabama University

Sathyabama, a renowned institution, has been excelling in the fields of Engineering, Science, and Technology for over three successful decades. It was established under Sec.3 of the UGC Act, 1956, and has been Accredited with an ‘A’ Grade by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council. The institution encompasses 5 hostels for Boys and 5 hostels for Girls, spanning an extensive area of 16,75,000 Square feet. The campus prioritizes “SAFETY” as its prime objective and is widely recognized as a “SAFE HEAVEN,” particularly for girl students.

With all academic and daily necessities readily available within the campus, hostel life is made pleasant and comfortable for every student. The hostel campus is affectionately referred to as a “HOME AWAY FROM HOME.”

Sathyabama University ERP LMS Login Portal Online for Students

Sathyabama University ERP LMS Login Portal

How to Access the Sathyabama University ERP LMS Login Portal?

Follow these easy steps to gain access to the Sathyabama University ERP LMS (Enterprise Resource Planning Learning Management System) login portal:

  • To access the site, make sure your internet connection is steady.
  • Launch the preferred online browser for you.
  • Enter the URL for Sathyabama University’s official website in your browser’s address bar.
  • Once on the university’s website, search for an ERP LMS-related area or link. You may find this on the website under the “Student” or “Login” sections.
  • After clicking the ERP LMS link, the login screen will appear. Your login information, which typically consists of your password and username or student ID, must be entered here.
  • Click the “Login” or “Submit” button to gain access to the ERP LMS site after providing your login information.
  • You may browse the portal’s features and resources, such as assignments, communication tools, course materials, and other educational resources, after logging in.
  • You must use the login information you’ve been given correctly. If you run into any problems, contact the help desk or IT support at your university for support.

Sathyabama University ERP LMS login portal online registration

What are the Features of Sathyabama University ERP LMS?

With several features, the Sathyabama University ERP LMS is a helpful resource for students. Here are a few of the salient attributes:
E-Learning Resources: Access to online course materials, videos, and other resources is made possible by the LMS.
Content Management: Teachers may generate and oversee course materials using the LMS’s content management system.
Learning Management: The learning management system (LMS) enables teachers to monitor the performance and advancement of their students.
Delivery Management: Instructors can send students course materials using the LMS’s delivery management system.
Assessment Management: An assessment management system within the LMS enables teachers to assess student performance and offer constructive criticism.
Academic Programs Across Disciplines: Sathyabama University provides academic programs across several disciplines, including engineering, science, technology, law, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and management.
Campus Amenities: The Sathyabama campus provides easy access to all academic and daily necessities for students, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable time living in dorms.
Industry Partnerships: To provide students with access to a wealth of information and experience, the Sathyabama School of Computing maintains collaborations with prestigious businesses like as IBM, Virtusa, Oracle, VMWare, RedHat, Cisco, and InfoSys.
Cutting-edge Computing Facilities: One of the top centers for computing, the Sathyabama Centre for Advanced Studies (SCAS) has cutting-edge computing facilities that meet the fascinating needs of high-performance computing, robotics and drones, augmented and virtual reality, and 3D technology for scientific and engineering research.
Certification Courses: In addition to traditional courses, students are encouraged to enroll in online courses (NPTEL, SWAYAM), skill development courses, and certification courses. Weekends are reserved for value-added training and certification programs offered by IBM, Red Hat Linux, Oracle, Microsoft, and Cisco.

How to Reset the Sathyabama University ERP LMS Login Password?

To initiate the process of resetting your login password for Sathyabama University ERP LMS, kindly adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Access the “Forgot Password” page of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology by visiting the following URL:[1].
2. Input your email address, which corresponds to your username, and proceed by selecting the “Submit” button.
3. An email will be dispatched to you, containing detailed instructions on how to reset your password. It is imperative to follow the instructions provided in the email to successfully reset your password.
Alternatively, if you are currently logged into the LMS portal, you have the option to modify your password by adhering to the subsequent steps:
1. Access your profile by selecting either your name or profile picture.
2. Locate and select the “Password” option.
3. Input your current password, followed by your desired new password. Please ensure that your new password consists of a minimum of five characters.
If you encounter any difficulties during the password reset process, please do not hesitate to seek assistance from the IT department of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology.

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