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ACC Model Sample Papers Mock Test Online

Test Name ACC Mock Test
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ACC stands for Army Cadet College admissions entry, in this process selects as cadets and trains regular army soldiers to become an officer in Indian army. The selection for admission to ACC is based on a written test and subsequent selection via service selection board. The nature of training at ACC is same as that of the NDA and ACC candidates complete there 3 years degree course while training. ACC exam syllabus and paper is divided into various subjects and four parts.

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ACC Model Sample Papers Mock Test Online


1. mark reviewChoose the one which expresses the meaning of the word “Cantankerous”

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2. mark reviewIn a row of boys, Srinath is 7th from the left and Venkat is 12th from the right. If they interchange their positions, Srinath becomes 22nd from the left. How many boys are there in the raw?

Question 2 of 15

3. mark reviewThe hotel was not too expensive, _________?

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4. mark review2014 Commonwealth Games will be organized in

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5. mark reviewWho were the first to issue gold coins?

Question 5 of 15

6. mark reviewYour father used to be the principal of the college, ______?

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7. mark reviewIf 6 men and 8 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days and 26 men and 48 boys can do the same in 2 days, the time taken by 15 men and 20 boys to do the same type of work will be

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8. mark reviewFind the largest number which when subtracted from 10000, the remainder is divisible by 32, 36, 48 and 50.

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9. mark reviewAs he got older his belief in these principles did not ______.

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10. mark reviewIn examination, 50% students failed in Hindi and 42% in English. If 17% failed in both subjects, find the percentage of students who passed in both subjects.

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11. mark reviewWhich of the following Articles deals with the Amendment of Indian Constitution?

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12. mark reviewThe first woman film star nominated to the Rajya Sabha was

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13. mark reviewChoose the one which expresses the meaning of the word “Luxuriant”

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14. mark reviewWhich of the following cities is referred to as “City of Destiny”?

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15. mark reviewIf 841 = 3, 633 = 5, 425 = 7, then 217 = ?

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