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AIIMS MBBS Exams Mock Test Question Answers

Test Name AIIMS Mock Test
Subject Mock Test
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 45
Total Marks 90
Total Time 40 Minutes
Test Help For
  • MBBS Admissions Test
  • General Knowledge
  • Physics Test
  • Chemistry Test
  • Biology Test
  • Medical Entrance Exams
  • AIPMT Test

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is an autonomous institute operating under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare System. An overall number MBBS seats are available in AIIMS New Delhi, and 6 other AIIMS – Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur, Rishikesh. The AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam is offered as a online computer based test in two shifts on same day. The educational principles and practices being adopted are those which are best suited to the needs of the nation.

If you want to get top position in these entry exams then must prepare from given below test.

AIIMS MBBS Exams Mock Test Question Answers


1. mark reviewThe focal length of converging lens are fV and fR for violet and red light respectively. Then

(a) fV > fR

(b) fV = fR

(c) fV < fR

(d) any of the three is possible depending on the value of the average refractive index μ


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2. mark reviewDenaturation of proteins leads to loss of its biological activity by

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3. mark reviewRectified spirit is a mixture of

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4. mark reviewMatch the following bacteria with the diseases
Column-I                                                 Column-II
(A) Treponema pallidum.                (p) Plague
(B) Yersinia pestis                             (q) Anthrax
(C) Bacillus anthracis                       (r) Syphilis
(D) Vibrio                                            (s) Cholera

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5. mark reviewWhich of the following cannot be prepared by Wurtz reaction?

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6. mark reviewConsider the following Mughal Emperors:
(i). Farrukhshiyar                               (ii). Jahandar Shah
(iii). Muhammad Shah                      (iv). Shah Alam II
What is the correct chronological sequence of their ascending the throne?

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7. mark reviewThe correct formula for fringe visibility is

AIIMS Model Mock Test 3 . 09

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8. mark reviewWhich of the following is correct order of acidity?

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9. mark reviewFig represents am area A = 0.5 m² situated in a uniform magnetic field
AIIMS Model Mock Test 3 . 02
B = 2.0 weber/m² and making an angle of 60° with respect to magnetic field. The value of the magnetic flux through the area would be equal to

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10. mark reviewThe current in resistance R at resonance is

AIIMS Model Mock Test 3 . 04

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11. mark reviewWhale is

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12. mark reviewThe pesticide DDT slowly changes to

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13. mark reviewPreparation of Lyophobic sols by chemical method involves

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14. mark reviewIn Young’s expt., the distance between two slits is d/3 and the distance between the screen and the slits is 3 D. the number of fringes in 1/3 m on wavelength 3λ, will be

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15. mark reviewWhich one of the following diseases is not caused by virus?

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