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AIIMS Previous Papers 2009

Test Name AIIMS Previous Papers 2009
Subject Medical
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 50
Total Marks 100
Total Time 50 Mints
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Attempt the past paper of the AIIMS All India Istitute of Medical Sciences for the preparation of entrance exams of AIIMS college. Her you will get questions and answers in the form of multiple choice questions about AIIMS Previous Papers 2009 below.

AIIMS Previous Papers 2009


1. Which one of the following depresses brain activity and produces feelings of calmness, relaxation and drowsiness?

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2. India’s Deep Joshi has recently been honoured with

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3. Tincture of iodine is

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4. The type of epithelial cells which line the inner surface of Fallopian tubes, bronchioles and small bronchi are known as

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5. Which of the following shows bond in silicone?

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6. A 0.1 mole solution of an acid is 4.5% ionized. Calculate freezing point. (molecular weight of the acid is 300). Kf = 1.86 K mol⁻¹ kg.

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7. The wavelength of Kα X-rays for lead isotopes Pb²⁰⁸, Pb²⁰⁶ and Pb²⁰⁴ are λ₁, λ₂ and λ₃ respectively. Then

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8. A ball is bouncing down a flight of stairs. The coefficient of restitution is e. The height of each step is d and the ball descends one step each bounce. After each bounce it rebounds to a height h above the next lower step. The height is large enough compared with the width of step so that the impacts are effectively head-on. Find the relationship between h and d.

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9. A nucleus of mass number 220 decays by α decay. The energy released in the reaction is 5 MeV. The kinetic energy of an α-particle is

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10. The term stagflation refers to a situation where

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11. Which of the element shows +4 oxidation state?

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12. Which of the following postulates is related with Neo-Darwinism?

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13. Intermediate host is absent in the infection of

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14. Which of the following fluorides has the lowest melting point?

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15. Four charges are arranged at the corners of a square as shown in the figure. The direction of electric field at the center of the square is along


AIIMS 2009 01

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16. A body is projected horizontally with a velocity of 4√2 m/sec. The velocity of the body after 0.7 second will be nearly (Take g = 10 m/sec²)

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17. A body of mass 5 kg moving with a speed of 1.5 m/s on a horizontal smooth surface collides with a nearly weightless spring of force constant k = 5 N/m. The maximum compression of the spring would be

AIIMS 2009 07

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18. Which of the following is an example of chain silicates?

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19. Mercurous chloride exists in the form of

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20. Three equal weights of 3 kg each are hanging on a string passing over a frictionless pulley as shown in figure. The tension in the string between masses II and III will be (Take g = 10 m/sec²)

AIIMS 2009 05

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21. What is ratio of Bohr magneton to the nuclear magneton?

(A) mp/me

(B) m²p/m²e

(C) 1

(D) Me/mp

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22. The metal compound commonly found in Sindhoor or Kumkum is based on

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23. The specific conductance of a N/10 KCl at 25°C is 0.0112 ohm⁻¹ cm⁻¹. The resistance of cell containing solution at the same temperature was found to be 55 ohm. The cell constant will be

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24. To a 25 ml HO solution, excess of acidified solution of KI was added. The iodine liberated required 20 ml of 0.3 N NaSO₃ solution. The volume strength of HO₂ solution is

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25. Reciprocal of impedance is

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26. Homo erectus evolved during

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27. Which one feature is common to leech, cockroach and scorpion?

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28. A person who shows unpredictable moods, outbursts of emotions, quarrelsome behavior and conflicts with others is suffering from

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29. Which of the following graph depicts spring constant k versus length l of the spring correctly?

AIIMS 2009 06

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30. The runner up in 2009 Wimbledon Men’s Singles was

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31. KF combines with HF to form KHF₂. This compound contains the species

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32. A pendulum clock is set to give correct time at the sea level. The clock is moved to a hill station at an altitude h above sea level. In order to keep correct time on the hill station which one of the following adjustments is required?

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33. What is the molarity of H₂SO₄ solution that has a density of 1.84 g/cc at 35°C and contains 98% by weight?

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34. Which among the following thermometers is preferred for measuring temperature around 1250°C?

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35. What is diapedesis?

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36. Which of the following nerves arises from organ of Corti?

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37. Delicate hair-like feathers which remain sparsely distributed over the body arec

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38. AIIMS 2009 09

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39. The president of India is elected by

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40. The dimensions of specific resistance are

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41. Formula of microcosmic salt is

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42. pH of a 0.01 M solution (Ka = 6.6 x 10⁻⁴)

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43. A convex lens of refractive index 3/2 has a power of 2.5 D in air. If it is placed in a liquid of refractive index 2, then the new power of the lens is

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44. When the inputs of a two logic gate are 0 and 0, the output is 1, when the inputs are 1 and 0, the output is zero. The type of logic gate is

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45. Who amongst the following cricketers has been chosen for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, 2007?

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46. Which event brought about a profound change in ashoka’s administrative policy?

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47. For a dilute solution, Raoult’s law states that

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48. de Broglie wavelength λ associated with neutrons is related with absolute temperature T as

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49. Who wrote the book ‘India’ Wins Freedom?

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50. A force F acting on an object varies with distance x as shown in the figure. The force is in N moving the object from x = 0 to x = 6 m is

AIIMS 2009 02

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