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AIIMS Previous Papers 2012

Test Name AIIMS Previous Papers 2012
Subject Medical
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 50
Total Marks 100
Total Time 50 Mints
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All India Institute of Medical Sciences entrance test preparation being added uploaded over here. Attempt all the multiple choice questions of the AIIMS Previous Papers 2012 below.

AIIMS Previous Papers 2012


1. Chasmogamy refers to the condition where

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2. Ratio of energy of photon of wavelength 3000 Å and 6000 Å is

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3. Oxygen is more electronegative than sulphure, yet H₂S is acidic while H₂O is neutral. This is because

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4. Or the following Fig., the lines of magnetic Induction due to a magnet SN, are given by

AIIMS 2012 07

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5. Identify the wrong statement in the following:

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6. A 3 kg ball strikes a heavy rigid wall with a speed of 10 m/s at an angle of 60°. It gets reflected with the same speed and angle as shown here. If the ball is in contact with the wall for 0.2 s, what is the average force exerted on the ball by the wall?

AIIMS 2012 11

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7. Figure represents an area A = 0.5 m² situated in a uniform magnetic field

AIIMS 2012 08

B = 2.0 weber/m² and making an angle of 60° with respect to magnetic field. The value of the magnetic flux through the area would be equal to

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8. Volume of air breathed in and out during normal breathing is called

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9. In the circuit shown in figure, the 5 Ω resistance develops 20.00 cal/s due to the current flowing through it. The heat developed in 2 Ω resistance (in cal/s) is

AIIMS 2012 04

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10. Which one of the following diseases in not caused by virus?

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11. In the plant body, the water and minerals are transported by

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12. Cuprous ion is colourless while cupric ion is coloured because

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13. A constant voltage is applied between the two ends of a uniform metallic wire. Some heat is developed in it. The heat developed is double if

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14. Which are exclusively viviparous?

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15. X mI of H₂ gas effuse through a hole in a container in 5 seconds. The time taken for the effusion of the same volume of the gas specified below under identical condition is

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16. Which gland is concerned with salt equilibrium in body?

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17. The current in resistance R at resonance is

AIIMS 2012 10

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18. A conducting rod AB moves parallel to X-axis in a uniform magnetic field, pointing in the positive X-direction. The end A of the rod gets

AIIMS 2012 09

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19. Which one among the following has the highest first ionization energy?

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20. The strength of an aqueous solution of I₂ can be determined by titrating the solution with standard solution of

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21. The oxidation number of sulphur in S₈, S₂F₂, H₂S respectively, are

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22. Two wires of same metal have the same length but their cross sections are in the ratio 3 : 1. They are joined in series. The resistance of the thicker wire is 10 Ω. The total resistance of the combination is

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23. For preparing 0.1 N solution of a compound from its impure sample of which the percentage purity is known, the weight of the substance required will be

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24. There exists a non-uniform electric field along x-axis as shown in the figure below. The field increases at a uniform rate along + ve x-axis. A dipole is placed inside the field as shown. Which one of the following is correct for the dipole?

AIIMS 2012 02

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25. In which of the following minimum content of urea is present?

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26. AIIMS 2012 01

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27. A network of four capacitors of capacity equal to C₁ = C, C₂ = 2C, C₃ = 3C and C₄ = 4C are conducted to a battery as shown in the figure. The ratio of the charges on C₂ and C₄ is

AIIMS 2012 03

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28. A square coil of side a carries a current I. The magnetic field at the center of the coil is

AIIMS 2012 06

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29. The pH of blood does not appreciably change by a small addition of acid or a base because blood

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30. The Lassaigne’s extract is boiled with dil. HNO₃ before testing for halogens because

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31. An inductance L having a resistance R is connected to an alternating source of angular frequency ω. The Quality factor Q of inductance is

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32. 12 g of urea is dissolved in 1 liter of water and 68.4 g of sucrose is dissolved in 1 liter of water. The lowering of vapour pressure of first case is

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33. Chemical weathering is at its maximum in

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34. Duct of Bellini is concerned with

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35. BCl₃ does not exist as dimer but BH₃ exists as dimer (B₂H₆) because

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36. Which of the following cannot be explained by Lamarckism?

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37. Fenestra ovalis is the opening of

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38. Curie temperature is the temperature above which

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39. Who is the author of Das Kapital?

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40. Sesamoid bone is derived from

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41. Natural genetic engineers of plants is

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42. The cell constant of a given cell is 0.47 cm⁻¹. the resistance of a solution placed in this cell is measured to be 31.6 ohm. The conductivity of the solution (in S cm⁻¹ where S has usual meaning) is

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43. The existence of a substance in more than one solid modifications is known as

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44. Which of the following countries does not belong to the group of G-8 nations?

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45. Which National Highway connects Delhi and Mumbai?

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46. Which one of the following cannot be prepared by Wurtz reaction?

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47. What is the intermediate tier of the Panchayali Raj System called?

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48. Ghataprabha is a tributary of which one of the following rivers?

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49. Four wires, each of length 2.0 m, are bent into four loops P, Q, R and S and then suspended in a uniform magnetic field. If the same current is passed in each, then the torque will be maximum on the loop

AIIMS 2012 05

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50. Kiel Canal connects

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