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AIIMS Previous Papers 2014

Test Name AIIMS Previous Papers 2014
Subject Medical
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 50
Total Marks 100
Total Time 50 Mints
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AllMS entrance test preparation being available over here for the candidates. Attempt all the multiple choice questions which contains entire questions of the AIIMS Previous Paper 2014.

AIIMS Previous Papers 2014


1. Who won the Dada Saheb Phalke award for contribution to Indian Cinema in the year 2014?

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2. Which one of the following is an example for homogeneous catalysis?

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3. Which antibiotic has bactericidal effect?

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4. The purity of an organic compound is determined by

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5. Monomers of nylon 2-nylon 6 are

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6. Given is the diagrammatic representation of the sectional view of cochlea. Select the correct option regarding it.

AIIMS 2014 02

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7. Who was the first woman Prime Minister in the world?

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8. World Environment Day is celebrated on

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9. During the dehydration of alcohols to alkenes by heating with conc. H₂SO₄, the initiating step is

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10. Which is a bactericidal antibiotic?

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11. Which of the given statements about transistor is not true?

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12. In a standard ECG which one of the following alphabets is the correct representation of the respective activity of the human heart?

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13. Rhombic sulphur dissolves best in

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14. The number of atoms in 52 g of He is

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15. The IUPAC name of the given compound is (CH₃)₃ CCH₂C (CH₃)₃

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16. A satellite is in an orbit around the earth. If its kinetic energy is doubled, then

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17. A triply ionized beryllium (Be³⁺) has the same orbital radius as the ground state of hydrogen. Then the quantum state n of Be³⁺ is

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18. Who presides over the joint session of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

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19. Refer the given figure of nephron.

AIIMS 2014 03


Identify A, B, C and D and select the correct option regarding them

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20. The value of Henry’s constant KH is

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21. Which of the following authorities, has the right to issue ‘aadhar card’ to the residents of India?

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22. Who was won Nobel Prize award twice?

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23. A 5.5 meter length of string has a mass of 0.003 kg. If the tension in the string is 77 N, the velocity of the wave on the string is

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24. A body of mass 2 kg is thrown up vertically with kinetic energy of 490 J. The height at which the kinetic energy of the body becomes half of its original value is

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25. The near point of distinct vision is at 1 m for an elderly person. What power of lens is to be used to bring the near point to the minimum distance of distinct vision (25 cm)?

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26. Which of the following represents the correct bond order?

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27. Which one of the following forms propanenitrile as the major product?

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28. A particle moves in a circular path with decreasing speed. Choose the correct statement.


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29. In which country is ‘Pali’ language taught?

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30. What will be the effect on the weight of a body placed on the surface of earth, if earth suddenly stops rotating?

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31. Where will the next to next summer Olympics take place?

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32. A forms hcp lattice and B are occupying 1/3rd of tetrahedral voids, then the formula of compound is

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33. How are transformants selected from non-transformants?

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34. The time period of a particle undergoing SHM is 16 s. It starts motion from the mean position. After 2 s, its velocity is 0.4 ms⁻¹. The amplitude is

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35. A block of mass 2 kg is placed on the floor. The coefficient of static friction is 0.4. If a force of 2.8 N is applied on the block parallel to the floor, the force of friction between the block and the floor is (g = 10 m s⁻²)

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36. A cyclist is moving in a circular track of radius 80 m with a velocity of 36 km h⁻¹. He has to lean from the vertical approximately through an angle (Take g = 10 m s⁻²)

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37. Which of the following options consist of non-essential amino acids only?

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38. Plants do not get benefit from

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39. Photochemical smog formed in congested metropolitan cities mainly consists of

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40. A heavy truck moving with a velocity of 60 km h⁻¹ collides with a light drum at rest. If the collision be elastic, then the velocity of the drum immediately after collision will be the drum immediately after collision will be

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41. Ramesh Agrawal won green Nobel Prize award for blocking a major Indian company, India Steel & Power Ltd., from opening a second coal mine in which of the following states?

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42. Two homogeneous spheres A and B of masses m and 2m having radii 2a and a respectively are placed in touch. The distance of center of mass from first sphere is

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43. Somaclones are prepared by

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44. In Clemmensen reduction, carbonyl compound is treated with

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45. Which one of the following is not employed as antihistamine?

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46. According to kinetic theory of gases, molecules of a gas behave like

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47. In which city Ashoka Pillar is believed to have originated?

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48. What is the oxidation number of Br in KBrO₄?

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49. Which of the following statements is not true?

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50. A spring of spring constant 5 x 10³ Nm⁻¹ is stretched initially by 5 cm from the unstretched position. The work required to stretch it further by another 5 cm is

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