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Alternating Current Electromagnetic Waves Test Online

Test Name Alternating Current & Electromagnetic Waves Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Alternating Current & Electromagnetic Waves Test are available. Attempt online Multiple Choice Questions of Alternating Current & Electromagnetic Waves over here.

Alternating Current & Electromagnetic Waves Test Online


1. Which wavelength of sun is used finally as electric energy?


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2. Flash light equipped with a new set of batteries, produces bright light. As the batteries wear out:


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3. According to Maxwell’s hypothesis, changing of electric field give rise to:


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4. A coke coil has:


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5. In a circuit, the current lags behind the voltage by a phase difference of π/2, the circuit will contain which of the following:


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6. In the circuit shown below what will be the reading of the voltmeter and ammeter? (Total impedance of circuit Z = 100




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7. The current gain for a transistor working as common base amplifier is 0.96. If the emitter current is 7.2 mA, the base current will be:


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8. If an AC main supply is given to be 220 v. The average emf during a positive half cycle will be


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9. An AC source of angular frequency ω is fed across a resistor R and a capacitor C in series. The current registered is I. If now the frequency of source is changed to ω/3 (but maintaining the same voltage), the current in the circuit is found to be halved. Calculate the ratio of reactance to resistance at the original frequency ω


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10. If the magnetic field of a light wave oscillates parallel to y-axis and is given by By = Bm sin (kz - ωt), the direction of wave travel and the axis along which the electric vector oscillates is:


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11. An inductor coil of inductance L is cut into two equal parts and both the parts are connected in parallel. The net inductance is:


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12. In a AC circuit the voltage and current are described by V = 200 sin (319t – π/6) volts and i = 50sin (314t + π/6)mA respectively. The average power dissipated in the circuit is:


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13. A coil has an inductance of 0.7 Henry and is joined in series with a resistance of 220 Ω. When the alternating emf of 220 V at 50 Hz is applied to it then the phase through which current lags behind the applied emf and the wattles component of current in the circuit will be respectively


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14. The pressure exerted by an electromagnetic wave of intensity 1 (watt/m²) on a non-reflecting surface is: [c is the velocity of light]


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15. Frequency of infrared wave is approximately:


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