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Animal Reproduction and Development Test Online Mcqs

Test Name Animal Reproduction and Development Test
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Processes of Animal Reproduction and Embryonic Development. During sexual reproduction, the haploid gametes of the male and female individuals of a species combine in a process called fertilization.This process produces a diploid fertilized egg called a zygote.While the vast majority of plants and animals reproduce sexually, prokaryotes and many plant and animal species reproduce asexually and some can reproduce in both ways.A sexual reproduction involves the production of offspring by a single individual without a contribution of genetic material from another individual.Animal development, the processes that lead eventually to the formation of a new animal starting from cells derived from one or more parent individuals. Development thus occurs following the process by which a new generation of organisms is produced by the parent generation as well. To get know much more about such topic you just need to follow the Animal Reproduction and Development Test online being given in lower section of this page.

Animal Reproduction and Development Test Online Mcqs


1. Which surgical operation is undertaken in a women for planned family?

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2. Gynogenesis is shown by:

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3. Gestation period in man is about:

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4. Mature ova are released by:

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5. In mammals, the fertilization is:

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6. The part of reproductive system in male which neither produces hormones nor sperms is:

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7. In the human menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs around:

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8. In mammals the fertilization and entire embryonic development take place within the:

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9. Sustentacular cells in another name of:

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10. Cells of sertoli are found in:

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11. The gestation period of elephant is about:

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12. In which animal the fertilization occurs externally?

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13. Permenstrual syndrome is related to:

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14. Semen consists of an enzyme:

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15. The embryonic membranes which forms placenta is:

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16. The head cap of sperm is called:

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17. Normal menstrual cycle is completed in:

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18. In the honey bee the eggs develop parthenogenetically as:

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19. The testis of mammal is enclosed in a capsule known as:

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20. SAHELI is a:

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