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Application Botany Test Online MCQs

Test Name Application Botany Test Online MCQs
Subject Biology
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • NEET Test
  • Medical Entrance Test
  • Biology in MCAT Test
  • AIIMS Test
  • AIPMT Test
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  • MBBS Entrance Exams

Get preparation for the branch of biology Botany and its applications. The Online multiple choice questions of the  Application Botany Test are given below for the visitors.

Application Botany Test Online MCQs


1. Vegetables, drugs and narcotic plants are commonly found in the family:

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2. Pulses are obtained from the family:

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3. The correct match for wheat variety is:

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4. The world’s most widely cultivated food crop:

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5. Cassava is widely grown in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and second to rice as a staple food is member of family:

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6. Straight fertilizer contains:

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7. Most herbicides interfere with:

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8. Fertilizers applied to crop plants pollute:

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9. Green manuring increases the crop yield by:

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10. The first pesticide used in large scale is:

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11. One of these is nematicide:

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12. The largest industry and our main occupation is:

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13. Household pesticides are:

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14. Cochineal insects are used to check the growth of:

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15. The percentage of nitrogen content in urea is:

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