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Assertion and Reason Online Test Question answers

Test Name Assertion and Reason Test
Subject Aptitude Advance
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15
Test Help For
  • All Admission Test
  • All Jobs Test
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Intelligence Test
  • IQ Test

Assertion and Reason test is designed to judge the candidate’s knowledge and his ability to reason out correctly as well. This is also useful to judge the candidate’s information and with it, capacity to reason out effectively.This could be helpful for CAT Exam,General Knowledge (Assertion & Reason) Test Paper and interviews accordingly.Aptitude and ability tests are designed to assess your logical reasoning or thinking performance as well.

Assertion and Reason Online Test Question Answers


1. Assertion (A) : A ship rises as it enters the sea from a river.
Reason (R) : The density of sea water is higher as compared to river water.

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2. Assertion (A) : The same side of the moon faces the earth at all times.
Reason (R) : Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth.

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3. Assertion (A) : Diamond is used for cutting glass.
Reason (R) : Diamond have a high reflective index.

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4. Assertion (A) : Alcohol rather than mercury is used in the thermometer to measure a temperature of -60°C
Reason (R) : Alcohol has a lower freezing point than mercury.

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5. Assertion (A) : Sprouting should not be done before consuming the grains.
Reason (R) : Sprouting kills many vital vitamins.

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6. Assertion (A) : When lightening strikes, the sound is heard a little after the flash is seen.
Reason (R) : The velocity of light is greater than that of the sound.

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7. Assertion (A) : Indian President is the head of the state.
Reason (R) : Indian parliament consists of the President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

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8. Assertion (A) : Uranium undergoes nuclear fusion reaction.
Reason (R) : It has a big, unstable nucleus.

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9. Assertion (A) : The British sovereignty continued to exist in free India.
Reason (R) : The British sovereign appointed the last Governor-General of free India.

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10. Assertion (A) : Petrol fire cannot be extinguished by pouring water over it.
Reason (R) : Water is heavier than petrol.

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11. Assertion (A) : Goiter is a common disease in mountainous regions.
Reason (R) : The diet of the people in mountains lacks iodine content.

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12. Assertion (A) : Indus valley people knew the art of navigation.
Reason (R) : Indus valley seals indicate prevalence of overseas trade.

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13. Assertion (A) : The pouring of kerosene oil on stagnant pools help to to eradicate malaria.
Reason (R) : The kerosene oil is poisonous for the mosquitoes.

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14. Assertion (A) : Pipes carrying water often burst in cold countries during severe winter.
Reason (R) : Water expands on freezing.

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15. Assertion (A) :Roughage prevents constipation.
Reason (R) : Roughage adds bulk to the food.

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