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Nursing Basic Physiology GK Test Online

Test Name Nursing Basic Physiology GK Test Online
Subject Nursing
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 15 Minutes
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Nurse’s unique role on the health care department is the ongoing assessment of the patient’s health status and the patient’s response to their plan of care. The nurse focuses on helping patients meet their needs, including physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual needs. Physiology is the scientific study of normal mechanisms, and their interactions, which works, Together with physiology and biochemistry, anatomy is one of the basic sciences that are to be taught in the medical curriculum.

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Nursing Basic Physiology GK Test Online


1. Eyelashes are lubricated by:

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2. Person living at high altitude will have:

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3. The re-absorption of water in the kidneys is under the control of hormone:

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4. Respiratory Quotient (RQ) is less than one for:

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5. Shape of an eye is maintained by:

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6. Pulse pressure is difference of diastole and systole and is equal to _________ mm Hg.

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7. Ora serrata is:

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8. Circulation of blood was discovered by:

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9. Pasteurization of milk means that:

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10. Carbon dioxide is carried in the blood:

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11. Sensation of stomach pain is due to:

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12. Hepatic portal system starts from:

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13. Blood dust present in the blood plasma is known as:

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14. Which of the following cranial nerves of man are both sensory or motor?

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15. Cardiac cycle in man takes about:

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16. The depression in the retina of one eye which lodges only the cones is called:

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17. Emergency gland of blood is:

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18. Bohr effect is related with:

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19. Hormone responsible for urine concentration is:

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20. Lungs are enclosed in:

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