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Being Alive Test Online MCQs

Test Name Being Alive Test Online MCQs
Subject Biology
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
Test Help For
  • For Biology Subject Test Prep.
  • Everyday Science Quiz Prep.
  • General Knowledge
  • CBSE Exam Prep.
  • All Medical Entrance Exams

We provide information about the Being Alive Test Online Multiple Choice Questions for the preparation of all the biology subject test, medical admission test, CBSE test, AIIMS admission test, jobs and recruitment test.

Being Alive Test Online MCQs


1. In water g-charge is present over:

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2. Photosynthesis is an example of:

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3. Energy available from respiratory substrate in:

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4. A basic character of living being is:

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5. Principal organic source of carbon to living world is:

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6. Activation energy is required for:

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7. Saline drip is given to patients suffering from:

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8. Lower level of organization occurs in:

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9. In a phospholipid the phosphate group is esterified to:

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10. Living beings are:

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11. In living system water is involved as a chemical in:

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12. Which one is double helix?

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13. Deoxyribose differ from ribose sugar in:

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14. Nature’s building blocks are:

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15. A strong polysaccharide is:

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