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Biology Angiosperms Test Online MCQs

Test Name Biology Angiosperms Test Online MCQs
Subject Biology
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
Test Help For
  • NEET Test
  • CBSE exams
  • USMLE Test
  • AIPVT Test
  • AIIMS Nursing Entrance Examination
  • MBBS Entrance Exams

Get Biology Angiosperms Test Online MCQs to increase your knowledge and to check your preparation of the biology subject. These questions answers are also useful for the preparation of Admission test, recruitment test and medical tests.

Biology Angiosperms Test Online MCQs


1. Which of the following families belong to inferae under Gamopetalae in Bentham and Hooker’s system of classification?

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2. First step in Taxonomy is:

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3. Phylogenetic system of classification was given by:

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4. Emasculation means:

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5. Who is known as the father of Taxonomy?

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6. The basic taxonomic unit upon which the system of classification are constructed is:

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7. Tapioca plant, which stores food in large fleshly storage roots, belongs to genus:

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8. “Mustard” is a common name for:

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9. Scientific name of mango is Mangifera indica represents:

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10. Food is stored in underground parts of plants in members of family:

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11. The term “New systematic” was given by:

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12. What is common in cyathium and hypanthodium inflorescence?

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13. In the system of classification by Bentham and Hooker, dicotyledonous plants have been classified as:

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14. Which taxonomic term may be substituted for any other?

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15. Potato belongs to family:

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16. In ovary only one ovule is present in:

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17. Fleshly fruits with persistent calyx are found in:

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18. The floral characters similar to Malvaceae and Liliaceae are:

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19. Characters from flower are used as basis for classification because:

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20. Entamophily was discovered by:

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