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Biology Genetics Test Online MCQs

Test Name Biology Genetics Test Online MCQs
Subject Biology
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Genetics is the topic of Biology and is so interesting which contains all the information of life and variations. Attempt all the Tests for the Online preparation of MCQs quiz.

Biology Genetics Test Online MCQs


1. Given below is a pedigree chart of a family with five children. It shows the inheritance of attached earlobes as opposed to the free ones. The squares represent the male individuals and circles the female individuals. Which one of the following conclusions drawn is correct?



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2. Frame shift mutation occurs when


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3. Okazaki fragments form


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4. Restriction endonucleases are used as


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5. Primary source of allelic variation is


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6. Pure line breed refers to


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7. The Structure of DNA is


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8. Which RNAs pick up specific amino acid from amino acid pool in the cytoplasm to ribosome during protein synthesis?


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9. Root cell of wheat has 42 chromosomes. What would be the number of chromosomes in the synergid cell?


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10. Colchicine prevents the mitosis of cells at which of the following stage?


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11. What is true about t-RNA?


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12. Genes of which one of the following is present exclusively on the X-chromosome in humans?


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13. XO chromosomal abnormality in humans causes


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14. Which one of the following pairs of terms/names mean one and the same thing?


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15. In genetic engineering, which of the following is used? 


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