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Biology Mega Quiz Online Test Question Answer

Test Name Biology Mega Quiz
Subject Biology
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 50
Total Marks 100
Total Time 50
Test Help For
  • Biology For All Grades
  • General Knowledge
  • Everyday Science
  • CBSE Exam
  • Medical Admission Entrance Test

Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life and living organisms, including their physical and chemical structure, function, development and evolution. Modern biology is a vast field, composed of many branches.It is the deep study of living organisms.We are going to provide you complete channel for preparation of subject Biology of all grades and levels with much explanation as well.This mega quiz comprised upon all basic concepts and cover all areas about concerned subject accordingly.Just Follow the quiz of 50 online mcqs over here and get instant result on your screen.

Biology Mega Quiz Online Test Question Answer

Mega Quiz

1. One of the following model of plasma membrane suggested that molecules show globular arrangement:

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2. A iron-containing protein myoglobin is present in the:

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3. Gills are absent in the adults of the order

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4. Which type of caner occurs in lymph nodes and spleen?

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5. One of the following is true with respect to Echeneis?

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6. Kidney in mammals are formed from:

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7. A taxonomic system on all phenotypic similarities, equally weighed and without involving evolutionary relationships is called:

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8. Blood calcium level is controlled by:

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9. The ‘cell doctrine’ was given by:

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10. The blood leaving the lungs is richer in:

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11. Tonoplast is a differentially permeable membrane which surrounds the:

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12. The yellow colour urine of vertebrates is due to:

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13. Peptidogly can compound murein is present in cell wall of:

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14. In actomyosin complex for one unit of actin the number of units of myosin is:

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15. Compounds structurally similar to substrate and inducing enzyme synthesis are:

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16. Amount of air exchanged in breathing can be measured with a:

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17. Cancerous cells are killed by radiations because they are:

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18. Which of the following animal has no blood but respires?

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19. Where are flame cells present?

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20. The secretion of adrenal glands called:

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21. Blood pressure is controlled by:

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22. In which form CO₂ is carried in the blood?

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23. While solving a problem a scientific method is employed. Which of the following is incorrect?

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24. Pick up the fibrous protein:

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25. Which of the following is the intermediate host of Taenia solium?

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26. Astrology is cultivation of:

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27. Which hormone is helpful is control of blood sugar level:

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28. Glycerides of fatty acids are:

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29. Diencephalon has centers for the control of:

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30. One of the following is an example of an enzyme:

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31. The protein content of skeletal muscles is …. %

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32. Centrioles are:

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33. Jellyfish is the common name of:

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34. The father of taxonomy is:

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35. Temperature control centre is located in the:

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36. Defibrinated blood in:

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37. Double circulation is found in:

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38. Pigeons milk is produced in the:

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39. Waste products of adenine and guanine metabolism are excreted by man as:

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40. Astragalus and calcaneum are found in:

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41. The phospholipid bilayer:

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42. Constriction of the pupil is function is:

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43. The living jawless vertebrates belong to the class:

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44. Endopeptidase of plant kingdom is:

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45. The structural and functional unit of kidney is:

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46. Choanocytes are found in:

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47. Which kingdom is mismatched?

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48. Biggest bone of frog’s vertebral column is:

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49. Area which cannot be subjected to scientific analysis is:

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50. Interferon is:

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