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Biotic Community Test Online MCQs

Test Name Biotic Community Test Online MCQs
Subject Biology
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
Test Help For
  • Biology Subject Test Prep.
  • Everyday Science Quiz Prep.
  • General Knowledge test prep.
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  • All Medical Entrance Exams.

Biotic Community Test Online preparation of the Multiple Choice Questions for the medical colleges and universities admission test, Mock quiz, jobs and recruitment test.

Biotic Community Test Online MCQs


1. Phytoplanktons in the hyfrosere constitute:

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2. Boundary of territory in animals is market by:

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3. ‘Parasitic castration’ refers to:

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4. Which one is a larger area?

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5. In any lithosere the pioneer community is:

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6. The lowest region of atmosphere is known as:

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7. Mycobiont and phycobiont association is:

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8. Lemming’s reduce their number by committing suicide every:

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9. Parasitodism is a case where the larval from:

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10. Serule is:

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11. The association between fungus and root system of certain plants is called:

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12. One of the following is the region of cold temperature?

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13. The soil near the surface is usually darker than about one meter down, this is because the top soil:

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14. Flagellate protozoan living in the gut of termites is a case of:

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15. What is studied under the “Microcosm”?

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16. Hydoxylamine toxins are released by:

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17. The most effective defense of plants against herbivores are:

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18. Which factor maintains the distinctive traits of species?

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19. The relationship between Myxotricha paraodoxa and Australian termites is of:

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20. Emigration means:

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