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Branches of Science Test 2 Online

Test Name Branches of Science Info Test
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 17
Total Marks 34
Total Time 15 Minutes
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Branches of Science Test 2 Online

General Knowledge

1. Science that uses electrons is known as ?

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2. Which science describes maps and the features of universe ?

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3. What is Biometry ?

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4. Which field of study is concerned with utilising the properties of water and other liquids and with the application of these properties in engineering ?

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5. Which of the following is the scientific study and measurement of behavior ?

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6. Which branch of science is concerned with making machines, building, roads and many other things ?

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7. The study of heredity and resulting variations is called ?

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8. Name the branch of science which deals with the law which grovern the structure of the universe, and forms of the matter and energy and their interactions ?

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9. What is called the study of structure of earth ?

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10. Name the study of plants and animals in relation to their natural surroundings and in relation to each other ?

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11. The branch of chemistry that is concerned with examining the relationships between the chemical composition of substances and the physical physical productions which they display, is known as ?

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12. What is the function of the branch of medicine, psychiatry ?

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13. How is the known the study of animals and plants that had lived on earth in the past ?

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14. What is the use of forensic medicine and science ?

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15. What is Pedagogy ?


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