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CBSE Biology Cellular Respiration Test Online

Test Name Cellular Respiration Test
Subject CBSE Biology
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 22
Total Marks 44
Total Time 20 Minutes
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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a manager of education system which prepares students from Classes 1 to 12 for competitive examinations. For Biology students perfect preparation of Cell Respiration quizzes and tests you might have in school. Take following question answer test for boost your knowledge.

CBSE Biology Cellular Respiration Test Online


1. mark reviewIn animal cell the first stage of glucose break down is?

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2. mark reviewOxidative phosphorylation is production of?

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3. mark reviewOut of 36ATP molecules produced per glucose molecule during respiration?

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4. mark reviewIncomplete oxidation of glucose into pyruvic acid with several intermediate steps is known as?

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5. mark reviewNADP+ is reduced to NADPH in?

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6. mark reviewEMP can produce a total of?

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7. mark reviewFermentation products of yeast are?

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8. mark reviewATP is injected in cyanide poisoning because it is?

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9. mark reviewOut of 38 ATP molecules produced per glucose 32 ATP molecules are formed from NADH/ FADH2 in?

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10. mark reviewMaximum amount of energy/ ATP is liberated on oxidation of?

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11. mark reviewRQ is?

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12. mark reviewLink between glycolysis Krebs cycle and β-oxidation of fatty acid or carbohydrate and fat metabolism is?

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13. mark reviewApparatus to measure rate of respiration and RQ is?

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14. mark reviewEnd products of aerobic respiration are?

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15. mark reviewEnd product of citric acid/ Krebs cycle is?

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