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CBSE Biology Ecology and Environment Test 1 Online

Test Name Ecology and Environment Test
Subject CBSE Biology
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 30
Total Marks 60
Total Time 25 Minutes
Test Help For
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  • CBSE Board Exams.
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Ecology includes the study of interactions that organisms have with each other, other organisms, and with abiotic components of their environment. It is an interdisciplinary field that includes biology, geography, and Earth science. Ecologists study the interactions between organisms and their environment, and how these interactions affect where, and in what numbers, different types of organisms knowledge. CBSE official take this subject examinations from their affiliated boards.

Take following test online for more preparation and boost your educational Biology science level.

CBSE Biology Ecology and Environment Test 1 Online


1. In a biotic community the primary consumers are?

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2. In a food chain the largest population is that of?

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3. The Taj Mahal is threatened due to the effect of?

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4. Animals that can tolerate a narrow range of salinity are?

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5. Which of the following is the most stable ecosystem?

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6. In a food chain the largest population is that of?

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7. Which of the following pair is a sedimentary type of bio geochemical cycle?

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8. Drawback of DDT as pesticide is?

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9. The primary succession refers to the development of communities on a?

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10. The major contributor of green-house gases to the atmosphere is?

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11. Tropical forests occur in India?

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12. Sunken stomata is the characteristic feature of?

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13. Disease caused by eating fish found in water contaminated with industrial waste having mercury is?

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14. The pyramid which cannot be inverted in a stable ecosystem is that of?

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15. If the forest cover is reduced to half what is most likely to happen on a long term basis?

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16. Second most important trophic level in a lake is?

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17. Sound becomes hazardous noise pollution at level?

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18. If we completely remove the decomposers from an ecosystem its functioning will be adversely affected because?

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19. Xeric environment is characterized by?

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20. Which of the following does not have stomata?

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21. Sewage drained into water bodies kill fishes because?

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22. Highest DDT deposition shall occur in?

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23. Which of the following pair is correctly matched?

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24. In Minamata Bay of Japan the animals which remained free from Minamata disease are?

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25. Species diversity increases as one proceeds from?

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26. When huge amount of sewage is dumped into a rivers its BOD will?

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27. In grass-deer-tiger food chain grass biomass is one tonne. The tiger biomass shall be?

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28. The worst environmental hazards were created by accidents in nuclear power plant and MIC gas tragedy respectively in?

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29. Atmosphere of big/ metropolitan cities is polluted most by?

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30. Desert plants are generally?

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