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CBSE Biology Growth, Regeneration and Ageing Test Online

Test Name Growth, Regeneration and Ageing Test
Subject CBSE Biology
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Total Question 7
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Total Time 10 Minutes
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CBSE Board organized all types of Boards exams, syllabus system in India as we talk about topic of Growth, Regeneration and Ageing test now. Growth is an irreversible increase in size and weight of an organism. The cells of the body do not grow uniformly but deferentially. The main types of growth are auxetic, multiplicative and accretion. The human growth curve is Zsigmondy and is controlled by hormones. Growth of multi-cellular organisms is of four kinds with regard to the growth and multiplication of the body cells.

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CBSE Biology Growth, Regeneration and Ageing Test Online


1. The maximum growth rate occurs in?

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2. The process of series of changes from larva to adult after embryonic development is called?

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3. The semilog of per minute growing bacteria is plotted against time. What will be the shape of graph?

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4. During regeneration modification of an organ to other organ is known as?

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5. According to the "immunity theory" of aging the process starts with the gradual atrophy and disappearance of?

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6. Auxetic growth is?

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7. Choose the correct sequence of stages of growth curve for bacteria?

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