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CBSE Biology in Human Welfare Test Online

Test Name CBSE Biology in Human Welfare Test
Subject CBSE Biology
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 21
Total Marks 42
Total Time 20 Minutes
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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is manage the board exams all classes. Biology in Human Welfare study of relationship between biology and human welfare, learn about animal husbandry, the impact of pathogens, causes of cancer, HIV, substance abuse, and more. These brief and engaging lessons are helpful to individuals who are getting ready for an exam.

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CBSE Biology in Human Welfare Test Online


1. Which one thing is not true about antibiotics?

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2. Gel electrophoresis is used for?

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3. The Ti plasmid is often used for making transgenic plants. This plasmid is found in?

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4. Introduction of food plants developed by genetic engineering is not desirable because?

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5. Human insulin is being commercially produced from a transgenic species of?

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6. Consider the following statements about biomedical technologies.

(A) During open heart surgery blood is circulated in the heart-lung machine.

(B) Blockage in coronary arteries is removed by angiography.

(C) Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) shows detailed internal structure as seen in a section of body.

(D) X-ray provides clear and detailed images of organs like prostate glands and lungs.

Which two of the above statements are correct?

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7. Which one of the following is being tried in India as a bio fuel substitute for fossil fuels?

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8. Farmers in a particular region were concerned that per-mature yellowing of leaves of a pulse crop might cause decrease in the yield. Which treatment could be most beneficial to obtain maximum seed yield?

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9. Main objective of production/ use of herbicide resistant GM crops is to?

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10. Which of the micro-organism is used for production of citric acid in industries?

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11. In a standard ECG which one of the following alphabets is the correct representation of the respective activity of the human heart?

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12. What is antisense technology?

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13. Two bacteria found to be very useful in genetic engineering experiments are?

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14. A transgenic food crop which may help in solving the problem of night blindness in developing countries is?

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15. Polyethylene glycol method is used for?

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16. Which one of the following proved effective for biological control of nematodal diseases in plants?

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17. Cry-I endotoxins obtained from Bacillus thuringiensis are effective against?

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18. Which of the following plant species you would select for the production of bio ethanol?

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19. The technique of obtaining large number of plantlets by tissue culture method is called?

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20. An important step in the manufacture of pulp for paper industry from the woody tissues of plants is the?

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21. What is the best pH of the soil for cultivation of plants?

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