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CBSE Biology Nervous Coordination and Sense Organs Test 1 Online

Test Name Nervous Coordination and Sense Organs Test
Subject CBSE Biology
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Total Question 24
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Nervous Coordination and Sense Organs concept study for CBSE Biology examinations. The nerve cell or neuron consists of a cell body with one or more elongated projections extending from it. The cell body contains the nucleus. The projections are part of the cytoplasm and are called axons if they are long and singular, or dendrites if they are short and branched. Nerve endings or receptors at one end carry the sensors that respond to the stimuli, while on the opposite side, the stimulus is transferred ultimately to the brain. The sensory organs receive the various stimuli from the bird’s environment.

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CBSE Biology Nervous Coordination and Sense Organs Test 1 Online


1. During the transmission of nerve impulse through a nerve fiber the potential on the inner side of the plasma membrane has which type of electric charge?

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2. Which one of the following not act as a neurotransmitter?

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3. Characteristic feature of human cornea is that?

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4. The junction between the axon of one neuron and the dendrite of the next is called?

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5. During the propagation of a nerve impulse the action potential results from the movement of?

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6. In the resting state of the neural membrane diffusion due to concentration gradiens if allowed would drive?

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7. Ommatidia serve the purpose of photo reception in?

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8. In which animal nerve cell is present but brain is absent?

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9. When we migrate from dark to light we fail to see for some time but after a time visibility becomes normal. It is an example of?

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10. Which of the following statements is correct about node of Ranvier?

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11. Parkinson's disease (characterized by tremors and progressive rigidity of limbs) is caused by degeneration of brain neurons that are involved in movement control and make use of neurotransmitter?

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12. Which part of human brain is concerned with the regulation of body temperature?

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13. Cornea transplant in human is almost never rejected. This is because?

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14. Injury to vagus nerve in human is not likely to affect?

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15. Bowman's glands are located in the?

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16. Which one of the following statements is correct?

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17. In a man abducens nerve is injured. Which one of the following functions will be affected?

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18. One of the example of the action of the autonomous nervous system is?

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19. What used to be described as Nissl's granules in a nerve cell are now identified as?

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20. An action potential in the nerve fiber is produced when positive and negative charges on the outside and the inside of the axon membrane are reversed because?

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21. Which one of the following pairs of structure distinguishes a nerve cell from other types of cell?

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22. A person suffering from the deficiency of the visual pigment rhodopsin is advised to take more?

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23. Four healthy people in their twenties got involved in injuries resulting in damage and death of a few cells of the following. Which of the cells are least likely to be replaced by new cells?

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24. What is the intensity of sound in normal conversation?

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