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CBSE Biology Reproduction in Animals and Embryonic Development Test Online

Test Name Reproduction in Animals and Embryonic Development Test
Subject CBSE Biology
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Total Question 24
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Total Time 20 Minutes
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Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE is a Board of Education for public and private schools, Institutes under the Union Government of India. Our study preparation topic of Reproduction in Animals through syllabus, reproductive structures produce eggs, support a growing embryo, and provide a birth canal to the fetus. Spermatogenesis and oogenesis are both forms of gametogenesis, in which a diploid gamete cell produces haploid sperm and egg cells, respectively.

For more knowledge about Biology Reproduction in Animals take following test quiz’s online.

CBSE Biology Reproduction in Animals and Embryonic Development Test Online


1. Acrosome reaction in sperm is triggered by?

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2. Blastopore is?

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3. Middle piece of mammalian sperm possesses?

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4. Extrusion of second polar body from egg nucleus occurs?

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5. Fertilizins are emitted by?

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6. Egg is liberated from ovary in?

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7. Eye lens is formed from?

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8. What is true about cleavage in fertilized egg of human?

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9. Freshly released human egg has?

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10. Extra-embryonic membranes of the mammalian embryo are derived from?

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11. Gonads develop from embryonic?

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12. The estrus cycle is a characteristic of?

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13. Termination of gastrulation is indicated by?

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14. Cells become variable in morphology and function in different regions of the embryo. The process is?

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15. In telolecithal egg the yolk is found?

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16. Location and secretion of Leydig's cells are?

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17. During cleavage what is true about cells?

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18. At the end of first meiotic division male germ differentiates into?

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19. Human eggs are?

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20. Amount of yolk and its distribution are changed in the egg. Which one is affected?

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21. How many sperms are formed from a secondary spermatocyte?

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22. Ovulation occurs under the influence of?

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23. Meroblastic cleavage is division?

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24. In 28 days human ovarian cycle ovulation occurs on?

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