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CBSE Physics Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Waves Test Online

Test Name Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Waves Test
Subject CBSE Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 30
Total Marks 60
Total Time 30 Minutes
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Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE is a Central Board of Education in India for public and private schools. They facilitates all exams from Grade 1st to 12th. Physics subject is basic part of there syllabus. Our topics is Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Waves for preparation all types of exams test. Alternating Current Circuits and Electromagnetic Waves can be produced using a device called an alternator. This device is a special type of electrical generator designed to produce alternating current. A loop of wire is spun inside of a magnetic field, which induces a current along the wire. Pick test and start your preparation through best choices questions and answers.

CBSE Physics Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Waves Test Online


1. mark reviewIn a circuit, L, C and R are connected in series with an alternating voltage source of frequency f. The current leads the voltage by 45°. The value of C is ?

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2. mark reviewThe time constant of C-R circuit is ?

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3. mark reviewAn LCR series circuit is connected to a source of alternating current. At resonance, the applied voltage and the current flowing through the circuit will have a phase difference of ?

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4. mark reviewThe frequency of ϒ-rays, X-rays and ultraviolet rays are a, b and c respectively. Then ?

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5. mark reviewThe primary winding of transformer has 500 turns whereas its secondary has 5000 turns. The primary is connected to an AC supply of 20 V-50Hz. The secondary will have an output of ?

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6. mark reviewWhich of the following is the longest wave ?

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7. mark reviewIn a circuit inductance L and capacitance C are connected as shown in figure; A1 and A2 are ammeter.s When key K is pressed to complete the circuit, then just after closing key (K) the reading of current will be ?

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8. mark reviewWhich one of the following electromagnetic radiations have the smallest wavelength ?

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9. mark reviewIn an experiment, 200 V AC is applied at the ends of an LCR circuit. The circuit consists of an inductive reactance (XL) = 50Ω capacitive reactance (XC) = 50 Ω  and ohmic resistance (R) = 10 Ω . The impedance of the circuit is ?

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10. mark reviewThe reactance of a capacitor of capacitance C is X. If both the frequency and capacitance be doubled, the new reactance will be ?

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11. mark reviewThe primary and secondary coils of a transformer have 50 and 1500 turns respectively. If the magnetic flux Φ linked with the primary coil is given by Φ = Φ + 4t, where Φ is in Weber, t is time in second and Φ is a constant, the output voltage across the secondary coil is ?

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12. mark reviewOzone layer blocks the radiations of wave length ?

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13. mark reviewThe core of a transformer is laminated because ?

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14. mark reviewThe frequency of electromagnetic wave, which is best suited to observe a particle of radius 3 x 10-4 cm, is of the order of ?

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15. mark reviewThe structure of solids is investigated by using ?

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