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CBSE Physics Electrons and Photons Test 1 Online

Test Name Electrons and Photons Test
Subject CBSE Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 20 Minutes
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Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE is a Board of Education for public and private schools all India. Physics board exam paper held subject wise as regular basis. Our topics is Electrons and Photons syllabus for preparation. All students get best formed questions answers test take online for get best rank score in examinations.

CBSE Physics Electrons and Photons Test 1 Online


1. The cathode of a photoelectric cell is changed such that the work function changes from W1 to W2 (W2 > W1). If the current before and after changes are l1 andl2, all other conditions remaining unchanged, then (assuming hv > W2) ?

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2. In photoelectric effect, the work function of a metal is 3.5 eV. The emitted electrons can be stopped by applying a potential of -1.2 V. Then ?

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3. Doubly ionised helium atoms and hydrogen ions are accelerated from rest through the same potential drop. The ratio of the final velocities of the helium and the hydrogen ion is ?

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4. The wavelength of a 1 KeV photon is 1.24 x 10-9m. What is the frequency of 1 MeV photon ?

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5. An ionization chamber with parallel conducting plates as anode and cathode has 5 x 107 electrons and the same number of single charge positive ions per cm3. The electrons are moving towards the anode with velocity 0.4 m/s. The current density from anode to cathode is 4 μA/m2. The velocity of positive ions moving towards cathode is ?

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6. The dE-Broglie wave corresponding to a particle of mass m and velocity v has a wavelength associated with it ?

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7. Number of ejected photoelectron increases with increases  ?

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8. Photoelectric work function of a metal is 1 eV, light of wavelength λ= 3000 A° falls on it. The photoelectrons come out with velocity ?

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9. The nature of ions knocked out from hot surface is ?

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10. Momentum of a photon of wavelength λ is ?

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11. Gases begin  to conduct electricity at low pressure because ?

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12. The wavelength associated with an electron, accelerated through a potential difference of100 V, is of the order of ?

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13. Kinetic energy of an electron which is accelerated in a potential difference of 100 V is ?

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14. Which of the following are thermions ?

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15. A radio transmitter operates at a frequency 880 kHz and a power of 10 KW. The number of photons emitted per second is ?

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