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CBSE Physics Nuclear Physics Test Online

Test Name Atomic and Nuclear Physics Test
Subject CBSE Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 20 Minutes
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Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) in India arrangements syllabus classes subjects their official results of all basis of examinations. Science subjects build on student learning from the foundation. Physics chapter Atomic and Nuclear Physics test and improve your knowledge multiple choice exams you can take online.

CBSE Physics Nuclear Physics Test Online


1. Heavy water is used as a moderator in a nuclear reactor. The function of the moderator is ?

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2. The energy equivalent of one atomic mass unit is ?

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3. Curie is a unit of ?

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4. If the nuclear force between two protons, two neutrons and between proton and neutron is denoted by Fpp, Fnn and Fpn respectively, then ?

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5. Which of the following statements is true fro nuclear forces ?

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6. In the nucleus of 11Na23, the number of protons, neutrons and electrons are ?

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7. If the binding energy per nucleon in 3Li7 and 2He4 nuclei are respectively 5.60 MeV and 7.06 MeV, then the energy of proton  in the reaction 3Li7 + P 2 2He4 is ?

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8. What is the radius of iodine atom ( Atomic No. 53, Mass No. 126) ?

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9. Solar energy is due to ?

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10. The nucleus 48Cd115, after two successive β-decay will give ?

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11. What is the respective number of α and β particle emitted in the following radioactive decay

200X90 168Y80 ?

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12. The average binding energy of a nucleon inside an atomic nucleus is about ?

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13. A radioactive sample with  half-life of 1 month has teh label : 'Activity = 2 microcurie on 1-8-1991'. What would be its activity two months earlier ?

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14. The half-life of radium is 1600 yr. The fraction of a sample of radium that would remain after 6400 yr ?

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15. The mass density of a nucleus varies with mass number A as ?

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16. Energy released in the fission of a single 92U235 nucleus is 200 MeV. The fission rate of a 92U235 filled reactor operating at a power level of 5 W is ?

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17. The nucleus 6C12 absorbs an energetic newton and emits a particle (β). The resulting nucleus is ?

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18. The nuclei 6C13 and, N14 can be described as ?

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19. In a given reaction

zXA  → z+1 YAz-1 KA-4z-1 KA-4

Radioactive radiations are emitted in the sequence of ?

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20. An element A decays into element C by a two step process

A → B + 2He4

B → C + 2e-

Then ?

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21. The ratio of the radii of the nuclei 13Al27 and 52Te125 is approximately ?

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22. The mass number of He is 4 and that for sulphur is 32. The radius of sulphur nuclei is larger than that of helium by ?

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23. The constituents of atomic nuclei are believed to be ?

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24. A radioactive element has half-life period 800 yr. After 6400 yr what amount will remain ?

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25. The binding energy per nucleon is maximum in case of ?

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