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CBSE Physics Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Test 2 Online

Test Name Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Test
Subject CBSE Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 20 Minutes
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Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE is main Board of Education in India for control all Classes exams subject wise, Physics all grades chapter wise test coverage guided material arrange in these test. Our preparation topic of Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Physics subject complete material helpful for students.

CBSE Physics Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Test 2 Online


1. Rainbows are formed by ?

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2. Which of the following phenomena exhibits particles nature of light ?

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3. Light enters at an angle of incidence in a transparent rod of refractive index. For what value of the refractive index of the material of the rod the light once entered into it will not leave it through its lateral face whatsoever be the value of angle of incidence ?

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4. The refractive index of the material of the prism is √3, then the angle of minimum deviation the prism is ?

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5. Colours of thin soap bubbles are due to ?

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6. A small coin is resting on the bottom of a beaker filled with a liquid. A ray of light from the coin travels upto the surface of the liquid and move along its surface. How fast is the light travelling in the liquid ?

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7. A body is located on a wall. Its image of equal size is to be obtained on a parallel wall with the help of a convex lens. The lens is placed at a distance d ahead of second wall. then the required focal length will be ?

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8. A beam of light composed of red and green rays is incident obliquely at a point on the face of a rectangular glass slab. When coming out on the opposite parallel face, the red and green rays emerge from ?

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9. Two thin lenses of focal lengths f1 and f2 are in contact and coaxial. The power of the combination is ?

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10. A telescope has an objective lens of 10 cm diameter and is situated at a distance of one kilometer from two objects, which can be resolved buy the telescope, when the mean wavelength of light is 500 A°, is of the order of ?

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11. A planoconvex lens is made of a material of refractive index μ = 1.5. The radius of curvature of curved surface of the lens is 20 cm. If its plane surface is silvered, the focal length of the silvered lens will be ?

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12. A planoconvex lens is made of material of refractive index 1.6. The radius of curvature of the curved surface is 60 cm. The focal length of the lens is ?

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13. A man is 6 ft tall. In order to see his entire image, he requires a plane mirror of minimum length equal to ?

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14. An equiconvex lens is cut into two halves along (i) X)X' and (ii) YOY' as shown in the figure. Let f, f', f' 'be the focal lengths of the complete lens, of each half in case (i), and of each half in case (ii), respectively. Choose the correct statement from the following ?

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15. Transmission of light in optical fibre is due to ?

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