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CBSE Physics Solids and Semiconductor Devices Test Online

Test Name Solids and Semiconductor Devices Test
Subject CBSE Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 20 Minutes
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CBSE has been at the forefront of the progress in the educational field in IndiaSolids and Semiconductor devices have replaced thermionic devices (vacuum tubes) in most applications. They use electronic conduction in the solid state as opposed to the gaseous state or thermionic emission in a high vacuum. In this topic test we provided best choices question answers for improve our students vocabulary level.

CBSE Physics Solids and Semiconductor Devices Test Online


1. When arsenic is added as an impurity to silicon the resulting material is ?

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2. The current gain for a transistor working as common base amplifier is 0.96. If the emitter current is 7.2 mA, then the base current is ?

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3. When a p-n junction diode is reverse biased the flow of current across the junction is mainly due to ?

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4. At absolute zero, Si acts as ?

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5. When a n-p-n transistor is used as an amplifier, then ?

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6. Which one of the following is the weakest kind of the bonding in solids ?

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7. In figure the input is across the terminals A and C and the output is across B and D. Then the output is ?

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8. Which of the following gates corresponds to the truth table given below ?

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9. Radiowaves of constant amplitude can be generated with ?

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10. An oscillator is nothing but an amplifier with ?

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11. A piece of copper and other of germanium are cooled form the room temperature to 80 K, then ?

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12. For amplification by a triode the signal to be amplified is given to ?

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13. The part of the transistor which is heavily doped to produce large number of majority carriers is ?

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14. Which of the following, when added as an impurity, into the silicon, produces n-type semiconductor ?

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15. In a common base amplifier the phase difference between the input single voltage and the output voltage is ?

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16. p-n junction is said to be forward biased, when ?

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17. The diode used in the circuit shown in the figure has a constant voltage drop of 0.5 V at all currents and a maximum power rating of 100 milliwatt. What should be teh value of the resistor R, connected in series with the diode, for obtaining maximum current i ?

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18. The depletion layer in the p-n junction region is caused by ?

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19. Diamond is very hard because ?

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20. To use a transistor as an amplifier ?

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21. When n-type semiconductor is heated ?

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22. For an electronic valve, the plate current i and plate voltage V in the space charge limited region are related as ?

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23. When a triode is used as an amplifier the phase difference between the input signal voltage and the out put is ?

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24. The following truth table corresponds to the logical gate ?

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25. To obtain a p-type germanium semiconductor, it must be doped with ?

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