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Cell Reproduction Test Online Question Answer

Test Name Cell Reproduction Test
Subject Biology
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The term cell growth is used in the contexts of biological cell development and cell division. When used in the context of cell division, it refers to growth of cell populations, where a cell, known as the “mother cell”, grows and divides to produce two “daughter cells.Cells reproduce because when a multi cellular organism grows larger, the cells don’t. When the cell becomes larger and is starting to break apart, mitosis begins to happen. Mitosis is a process of cell division that forms two new nuclei, and each have the same number.Here we are going to provide you complete platform with respect to Biology in form of Online free question answer quiz over here.

Cell Reproduction Test Online Question Answer


1. ‘U’ or ‘V’ or ‘J’ shaped chromosomes are seen in:

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2. In prokaryotes

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3. In which of the following nucleolus is not visible?

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4. Centrioles are:

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5. One of the following can be divide by meiosis:

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6. Meiosis is also called as haplosis as haploid cell:

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7. The chromosomal set is:

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8. Synapsis is characteristics of:

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9. Which of the statement is incorrect regarding meiosis?

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10. Which statement about the cell cycle is not true?

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11. In which region of the metaphase plate the larger chromosomes get arranged?

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12. Spindle fibers are made of:

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13. In meiosis:

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14. Types of coiling found during mitosis is:

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15. In the anaphase of mitosis:

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