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Cell Unit Of Life Test Online Question Answer

Test Name Cell Unit Of Life Test
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Cells make up the smallest level of a living organism such as yourself and other living things. The cellular level of an organism is where the metabolic processes occur that keep the organism alive. That is why the cell is called the fundamental unit of life.All the living organisms are made up of fundamental unit of life called cell. The cell is a Latin word for a little room. The scientist Robert Hooke saw a little room in the cork resembled the structure of a honeycomb.Basic structural and functional unit of all life.Cells are the most basic building units of life, all living things are composed of cells, and new cells are made from preexisting cells, which divide into two. A structural or functional unit in a cell that is constructed from several macro molecules bonded together.This platform shall provide you complete information about such topic of Biology in very detailed manner.You just need to access over the following Cell Unit Of Life Test Online 15 questions as well.

Cell Unit Of Life Test Online Question Answer


1. Resolution of a compound microscope is:

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2. Which is absent in prokaryotes?

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3. The mature cells in the mammalian body i.e., RBC loses their capacity of:

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4. Wavelength of radiations used in electrons microscope is:

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5. Wall of young cells in plants in mainly composed of:

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6. The term ‘protoplasm’ was coined by:

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7. Chondrioids are found in:

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8. Resolution power is the capacity to:

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9. Electron microscope employs:

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10. The exact composition and structure of protoplasm has been described by …… theory

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11. Protoplasm is a:

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12. In bacteria cell wall plasma membrane folds inside to form:

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13. Which of the following is not used in autoradiography?

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14. Cell fractionation technique is used for:

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15. A cell can be declared dead when it:

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