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CET MBBS Mock Test Practice Question Answers

Test Name CET Mock Test
Subject Mock Test
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 60
Total Marks 120
Total Time 40 Minutes
Test Help For
  • CET Mock Test
  • Admissions Entrance Exams
  • MBBS Entry Test
  • General Knowledge
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  • Common Entrance Test

Common Entrance Test (CET) is a competitive exam conducted for the purpose of admission of students to the first year or first semester of full-time courses in medical, dental and engineering courses in professional colleges the various states of India. Candidates who wants to admissions in a professional degree course of Medical, Medicine, Dental, Engineering, Architecture, etc. He must compete in CET entry exams. Toppers students are easily eligible to get admissions in these classes.

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CET MBBS Mock Test Practice Question Answers


1. mark reviewWhich of the following is pollutant as well as protectant?

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2. mark reviewThe inside an outside temperature of a refrigerator are 273 K and 303 K respectively Assuming that refrigerator cycle is reversible, for every joule of work done, the heat delivered to the surrounding will be:

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3. mark reviewAccording to genic balance theory of Bridges X/A = 1.5 will make the individual:

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4. mark reviewA virus consist of:

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5. mark reviewCuscuta which climbs up the support with help of loop formation around the support. This type of movement is called:

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6. mark reviewIn an energy recycling process, X g of steam at 100°C becomes water at 100°C which converts Y g of ice at 0°C into water at 100°C. The ratio of X and Y will be:

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7. mark reviewThe ratio of radii of gyration of a circular disc and a circular ring of the same radii and same mass about a tangential axis in the plane is:

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8. mark reviewAlthough the seeds are rich in auxin glucosyl esters, still they do not exhibit any physiological change like growth. The reason is:

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9. mark reviewWhen a sphere is taken to bottom of sea 1 Km deep, it contracts by 0.01%. The bulk modulus of elasticity of the material of sphere is: (Given: Density of water = 1 g/cm³)

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10. mark reviewIf the dicot stem is stained for starch. The most intense colouration would develop in:

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11. mark reviewA gas is found to have a formula [CO]x. If its vapour density is 70, the value of x is:

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12. mark reviewThe velocity of a particle at an instant is 10 m/s. After 3s its velocity will become 16 m/s. The velocity at 2s, before the given instant will be:

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13. mark reviewWhich of the following is a cultural characteristics of micro-organism?

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14. mark reviewA particle executes SHM, its time period is 16 s. If it passes through the center of oscillation then its velocity is 2 m/s at time 2s. The amplitude will be:

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15. mark reviewThe minimum energy required to launch a m kg satellite from earth’s surface in a circular orbit at an altitude of 2R, ‘R’ is the radius of earth. Will be:
CET-MBBS Model Mock Test 3 . 01

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