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CET Mock Test Preparation Mcqs Online

Test Name CET Mock Test
Subject Mock Test
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 60
Total Marks 120
Total Time 40 Minutes
Test Help For
  • CET Mock Test
  • Admissions Entrance Exams
  • MBBS Entry Test
  • General Knowledge
  • Engineering Test
  • MBA Entry Test
  • Common Entrance Test

Common Entrance Test or CET is the held for admissions to various professional colleges, Universities situated within the country. A student who wants to pursue a professional degree course in Medical, Medicine, Dental, Engineering, Architecture, etc. He must compete in CET entry exams. These highly competitive exams are open to all eligible domiciles of a particular state or the nation. The tests are conducted under the aegis of a state or the Central Government. All successfully qualifies students of Common Entrance Test, then he is granted admission to first year and semester of the respective course.

So if you want to get passed CET test in high ranked marks must take following guide.

CET Mock Test Preparation Mcqs Online


1. mark reviewCapacitors are used in electrical circuits where appliances need more

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2. mark reviewThe substance which does not show sharp melting point is

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3. mark reviewA motor cycle racer takes a round with speed 20 ms⁻¹ in a curvature of radius of R = 40 m, then the leaning angle of motor cycle for safe turn is (g = 10 ms⁻²)

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4. mark reviewLargest tiger population is found in

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5. mark reviewCorrectly matched set of phylum, class and example is

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6. mark reviewWhich is common to kidney and skeleton in mammals?

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7. mark reviewIn case of incomplete dominance, what will be the phenotypic ratio of F₂ generation?

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8. mark reviewIf we consider solar system consisting of the earth and sun only as of the ideal thermodynamic system. The sun works as source of energy having temperature 6000 K and earth as sink having temperature 300 K, the efficiency of solar system would be on the basis of exchange of radiations

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9. mark reviewAcetone will be obtained by the ozonolysis of

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10. mark reviewMomentum of photon is

CET-MBBS Model Mock Test 2 . 02

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11. mark reviewThe rate of a gaseous reaction triples when temperature is increased by 10°C from 25°C. The energy of activation of the reaction (in kJ mol⁻¹) will be

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12. mark reviewCarborundum is

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13. mark reviewClamp connections are found in

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14. mark reviewe/m ratio was determined by

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15. mark reviewEpimysium, perimysium and endomysium are found in

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