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Chemical Energetics Test Online MCQs

Test Name Chemical Energetics MCQs Test
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
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Get Online Chemical Energetics MCQs Test to increase your knowledge about chemical energetics. Here you can also check your information about such topic.  Prepare for the interview and written tests by attempting these questions. Chemical Energetics MCQs Test is available below.

Chemical Energetics Test Online MCQs


1. Heat of neutralization of HCl and NaOH is -57.32 kJ per gram equivalent and that of acetic acid and NaOH is -55.23 kJ per gram equivalent. The heat of dissociation of acetic acid per gram equivalent should be:

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2. The heat change taking place in the reaction H₂O(l) → H₂O(g), ΔHᶠH₂O(g) = -57 kcal ΔHᶠH₂O(l) = -68.3 kcal is:

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3. The apparatus used for measuring the heat changes is known as:

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4. The solution energy of Al⁺⁺⁺ ion is more than that of Mg⁺⁺ due to:

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5. Heat of combustion of methane and ethane are -291.7 kcal & -441.2 kacl respectively:

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6. The total heat content of a system is known as:

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7. The heat of neutralization of a strong acid and a strong base is equal to …………. Kacl gm eq-₁

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8. The enthalpy of the elements in their standard states is taken as zero. So the enthalpy of formation of a compound may be:

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9. When a liquid is converted into vapours there is:

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10. Internal energy of the elements is as signed a value of ………….. cal per mole at standard status.

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11. Heat of fusion of a molecular solid is:

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12. In the reaction:
CO₂(g) + H₂(g) → CO (g) H₂O(g)
ΔH = 2.8 kJ     then ΔH represents

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13. If temperature is kept constant during the reaction, the process is said to be …………….

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14. I joule is equal to:

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15. C + O₂ → CO₂, ΔH1 = -394 kJ mol-1 2CO + O₂ → 2CO₂, ΔH₂ = -569kJ
ΔH for 1 mole formation of CO is:

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16. Heat of reaction between sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid 57.32kJ mol-1. So heat dissociation of water is:

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17. The factor that does not influence the heat of reaction is:

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18. Heat of reaction:

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19. The highest temperature at which vapour pressure of a liquid can be measured is:

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20. A person requires 2870 kcal of energy of leading a normal life. If heat of combustion of cane sugar is -1349 kcal the must consume …………. Kg of cane sugar daily.

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