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Chemical Kinetics Test Online MCQs

Test Name Chemical Kinetics Test Online MCQs
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
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Chemical Kinetics is an important topic in chemistry. Here we uploaded various questions about Chemical Kinetics which are so helpful for the chemistry exam. All the visitors will get all the information about chemical kinetics. Here you can check your knowledge and also improve your information about chemical kinetics. Chemical Kinetics MCQs Test will increase your intellectual level and prepare for the interview or written test.

Chemical Kinetics Test Online MCQs


1. The catalyst that is used in the manufacture of nitric add by Ostwald process:

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2. 75% of a reaction of a first order reaction is completed in 32 minutes. In half-life is:

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3. If there is 100 ͦC rise in temperature then the rate constant will be increased by ………… times

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4. What is the order of a chemical reaction whose rate is determined by the variation of one concentration term only?

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5. Cobalt present along with iron in the synthesis of ammonia acts as:

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6. In half-life period is inversely proportional to the initial conc. The order of reaction is:

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7. In the reaction between hydrogen and nitric oxide, when the initial concentra-tion of NO is kept constant and that of hydrogen is doubled, the reaction rates gets doubled. When the conc. Of hydrogen is kept constant and that that of NO is doubled, the reaction rate gets quadrupled. So order of this reaction is:

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8. The reaction though bimolecular but following the kinetics of the first order is called:

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9. The rate of chemical reaction depends on the nature of chemical reactants because:

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10. In the case of unimolecular reaction, the time required for 99.9% of the reaction to take place is ………… times that required for half of the reaction.

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11. According to collision theory rate of reaction is equal to:

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12. Active mass represents:

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13. The reaction A + B ⇌ C + D is an exothermic reaction. Activation energy of forward reaction is …….. that of the backward reaction.

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14. During the manufacture of NH₃ by Harber’s process, catalyst used is:

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15. All the radioactive changes are of:

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16. According to collision theory:

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17. The effect of temperature on the rate of reaction is given by:

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18. The minimum energy necessary to permit a reaction to occur is:

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19. For a first order reaction the graph will be a straight line in case the value ……….. are plotted.

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20. In homogenous catalytic reaction, rate of reaction depends on:

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