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Chemical Solutions Test Online MCQs

Test Name Chemical Solutions Test Online MCQs
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 19
Total Marks 38
Total Time 20 Mints
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Get Chemical Solutions MCQs Test for the preparation of entry test, interview or viva. these tests will increase your knowledge about solutions and its uses. After attempting these tests you will be able to know about solution and the types of solutions. Chemistry carries very interesting topics and these topics are very useful in every field of life. Get all the Multiple Choice Questions about the solutions and their types and many more below.

Chemical Solutions Test Online MCQs


1. A standard solution is:

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2. In the case of non ideal solutions the enthalpy change taking place:

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3. Which of the following is temperature independent?

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4. 1 mole of sugar (non-volatile)is dissolved in two moles of water, the vapour pressure of the solution relative to that of pure solvent is:

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5. For an ideal solution:

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6. 100 g of caustic soda is dissolved in 1kg of water, the molality of the solution is:

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7. An azeotrope is one that:

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8. 1 normal solution of H₂SO₄ is also:

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9. The mole friction of sodium chloride in a solution containing 1 mole of sodium chloride in  1000 g of water is:

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10. The molarity of a solution containing 49g of HPO₄ in 2 liters of solution is:

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11. Amount of the substance required to prepare one liter of 2N solution is:

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12. Equivalent weight of ammonia is:

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13. Equivalent weight of an oxidizing agent is the molecular weight of the substance divided by:

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14. Molarity and Molality of a solution are related by:

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15. Which of the following shows positive deviation from Raoult’s law?

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16. Equivalent weight of anhydrous oxalic acid is:

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17. The weight of silver nitrate required to prepare 60 ml of 0.03 g per ml of AgNO₃ will be:

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18. Molaity of a solution is the number of moles of solute is:

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19. In an aqueous solution of sulphuric acid, mole fraction of water is 0.85. The molaity of solution is:

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