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Chemistry Group-0 (Nobel Gas) Test Online MCQs

Test Name Group-0 (Nobel Gas) MCQs Test
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 10
Total Marks 20
Total Time 10 Mints
Test Help For
  • Chemistry Subject Test.
  • Mock and BDS Test Preparation.
  • All Admission written test prep.
  • Medical Test prep.

Get Chemistry Group-0 (Nobel Gas) MCQs Test Online to increase knowledge about the properties, density and reactivity of the Group-0 (Nobel Gas). These tests are also important for the preparation of Mock test, written test, admission test and interviews. Attempt all the Chemistry Group-0 (Nobel Gas) MCQs Test below.

Chemistry Group-0 (Nobel Gas) Test Online MCQs


1. Helium gives a characteristics spectrum with:

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2. Coconut charcoal at -100°C absorbs a mixture of:

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3. The gas used for inflating the tyres of aeroplane is:

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4. Nobel gas can be separated by:

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5. Asthma patients use a mixture of  ______ for respiration.

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6. Which gas is filled in electric bulbs/tubes?

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7. The gaseous mixture used by divers for respiration is:

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8. Arrange H, F, Li and K in decreasing order of ionization energy:

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9. The principle source of helium is:

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10. Which one of the following is used in colour discharge tube?

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