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Chemistry Group-III Elements Test Online MCQs

Test Name Group-III Elements MCQs Test
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 20 Mints
Test Help For
  • Chemistry Subject Test  Preparation.
  • All Jobs and recruitment Test prep.
  • MCAT and M.B.B.S Test.
  • All admission test prep.
  • Interviews preparation.

Chemistry Group-III Elements MCQs Online Test is available for the preparation of chemistry subject test. All the visitors should take this test to become able to clear all the interview and written test of the related topic. Here attempt Group-III Elements MCQs Test below.

Chemistry Group-III Elements Test Online MCQs


1. All alums contain:

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2. Borax is:

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3. Purification of alumina is essential because:

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4. Al and Ga have the same covalent radii because of:

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5. Aqueous solution of potash alum is:

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6. The blue coloured mineral ‘Lapis Lazuli’ used as semi precious stone is:

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7. Aluminium becomes passive in nitric acid because it:

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8. Corundum is:

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9. Sapphire is a mineral of:

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10. Aluminium reduces most of the metallic oxides due to its generate affinity for:

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11. Borax on heating with cobalt oxide forms a blue bead of:

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12. The purification method used for mineral Al₂O₃.2H₂O is:

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13. Aluminium is mainly extracted from:

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14. Which is used as a mordant?

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15. Which is not a mineral of aluminium?

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