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Chemistry Halogen Derivatives Test Online MCQs

Test Name Halogen Derivatives MCQs Test
Subject Chemistry
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Chemistry subject test online to check your knowledge of Halogen Derivatives. The Multiple Choice Questions of the halogens and their derivatives are containing very interesting information and important for the chemistry subject tests as well. All the visitors should take Chemistry Halogen Derivatives MCQs Test Online below.

Chemistry Halogen Derivatives Test Online MCQs


1. Chlorobenzene is lesser reactive towards nucleophilic substitution reactions as compared to ethyl chloride because:

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2. A bottle of Chloroform when left in open for a few days results:

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3. Chloroform when heated with aniline and alcohol caustic alkali gives:

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4. Chloroform when heated with silver powder gives:

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5. Tear gas is:

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6. D.D.T. is obtained by the interaction of:

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7. Which of the following is a camphor substitute?

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8. Chloroform on treatment with conc. Nitric acid gives:

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9. Chlorobenzene when heated with ammonia in the presence of Cu2O under pressure and temperature gave:

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10. The hydrogen atom in chloroform is:

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11. If chloroform is left exposed to air in the presence of sunlight:

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12. A compound used as hypnotic is:

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13. When ethyl amine is heated with chloroform and alcoholic KOH a compound with offensive smell is obtained. The compound is:

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14. The halogen atom is least reactive in:

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