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Chemistry Hydroxy Compounds Test Online MCQs

Test Name Hydroxy Compounds MCQs Test
Subject Chemistry
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Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
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Onlne solve the multiple choice questions of the Chemistry Hydroxy Compounds to check your worth in this topic. These questions answers will also improve your knowledge and prepare you for the chemistry subject examination. Here you MCQs test of Chemistry Hydroxy Compounds below.

Chemistry Hydroxy Compounds Test Online MCQs


1. Tertiary alcohols are resistant to oxidation due to:

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2. Secondary alcohol can be prepared from Grignard reagent by reacting Grignard reagent with:

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3. Primary alcohols can be prepared from alkenes by:

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4. The only primary alcohol that can be prepared by the indirect hydration of alkenes is:

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5. Which will have the maximum solubility in water?

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6. Phenol is dissolved in concentrated sulphuric acid and a few drops of sodium nitrate solution is added. The reaction is known as:

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7. Reduction of which of the following will give only ethyl alcohol?

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8. Ethyl alcohol when treated with red P and hydrogen iodide gives:

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9. Which of the following alcohols will not undergo acetylation with acetic anhydride directly in the presence of pyridine?

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10. Pyroligenous acid is obtained by the destructive distillation of:

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11. Fries rearrangement is:

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12. The main constituents of pyroligenous acids are:

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13. Propene on treatment with dil. sulphuric acid gives:

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14. Alcohols are isomeric with:

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15. As the alkyl part goes on increasing in alcohol the solubility of alcohol in water:

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