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Chemistry Mega Quiz Online MCQs

Test Name Chemistry Mega Quiz
Subject Science
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 50
Total Marks 100
Total Time 50 Mints
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Chemistry is the branch of science which deals with the composition, structure, properties and reactions of the matter. It contains a lot of knowledge about the world most smallest particles and their all characteristics. All the candidates should attempt this test because it contains the most interesting and important questions and answers which are very helpful in almost all kind of tests. after attempting these questions you will be able to clear any recruitment test, medical entrance test, MCAT, engineering college admission test etc. Chemistry Mega Quiz is given below.

Chemistry Mega Quiz Online MCQs

Mega Quiz

1. Amount of the substance required to prepare one liter of 2N solution is:

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2. Aniline is purified by:

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3. Among the following ions are, which are has the highest paramagnetism?

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4. Given the reaction:
2A (gas) + B(gas) ⇌ C (gas) = 100 kJ Which combination of pressure and temperature would give the highest yield of C at equilibrium?

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5. The nature of positive rays depends on:

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6. X-rays were discovered by:

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7. If uranium (mass no. 238, atomic number 92) emits α-particles the product has mass no. and atomic number

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8. p-bromo aniline can be obtained from aniline by reacting it:

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9. One gm mole of CH₃COOH were made to react with one gm mole of C₂H₅OH till the equilibrium was established. The equilibrium mixture was found to contain 0.333 gm mole of unused acid. The equilibrium constant for the reaction is:

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10. The covalent radius of Cl atom is:

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11. 1 mole of sugar (non-volatile)is dissolved in two moles of water, the vapour pressure of the solution relative to that of pure solvent is:

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12. Non-metals tend to gain electrons, becoming:

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13. The compound commonly used as electrolyte in lead storage batteries is:

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14. Diastereomers are a pair

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15. The increase in bond order results in:

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16. Most of the universe consists of the matter in:

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17. The dipole moment of orthochlorobenzene is:

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18. One mole of electrons is same as:

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19. Kinetic theory of gas was put forward by:

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20. According to Law of Mass action, the rate of reaction is directly proportional to:

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21. The exchange of particles considered responsible for keeping the nucleons together are:

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22. X-rays are attracted towards:

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23. Which of the following has the largest size?

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24. Which of the following species does not contain hydrogen in negative oxidation state?

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25. Isomers that are mirror image of each other are called

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26. The ionization energy of nitrogen is more than that of oxygen because of:

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27. Polystyrene is a/an:

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28. Active mass represents:

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29. Fries rearrangement is:

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30. C----C bond length is minimum in:

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31. Which of the following compounds would exhibit geometrical isomerism?

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32. Which of the following is the simplest form of matter?

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33. Element belonging to the same period are:

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34. Which of the following reaction is a redox reaction?

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35. Higher the bond order greater is:

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36. An example of chain growth polymer is:

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37. All the radioactive changes are of:

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38. The reaction though bimolecular but following the kinetics of the first order is called:

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39. Which one of the following has the same number of electrons as an alpha particle?

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40. A limiting reactants is one:

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41. Which one of the following is not a green house gas?


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42. All gases can be compressed by:

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43. Which of the following compounds have lowest negative oxidation number of oxygen?

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44. A solution of glucose is 10%. The volume to which 1g mole of it dissolved will be:

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45. The mass of one mole of iodine:

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46. Swedish chemist J. Berzelius determined:

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47. Geometrical isomerism exist due to presence of

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48. Which of the following exist as dimmers?

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49. The dipole moment of water is:

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50. The atomic wt. of thorium is 232 and atomic number 90 at the end of disintegration we obtain an isotope of lead (At. Wt. 208, At. no. 82). The no. of emitted (a) and (b) particles are:

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51. Is the reaction 2Al + 3Fe²⁺  2Al³⁺  3Fe possible?

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52. The e/m value for positive rays is maximum:

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53. Metals tends to lose electrons, becoming:

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54. Inside every fluorescent lamp there is present a:

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55. Covalent compounds mostly exist in the form of:

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56. 1 normal solution of H₂SO₄ is also:

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57. The molarity of a solution containing 49g of HPO₄ in 2 liters of solution is:

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58. Which of the following pairs of ions cannot coexist in aqueous solution?

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59. The force which holds together two or more atoms or ions to form a large variety of compounds is called:

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60. Among the following groups of elements, the one whose elements can have positive as well as negative oxidation states are:

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61. For a first order reaction the graph will be a straight line in case the value ……….. are plotted.

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62. Which of the following polymer is developed by step growth polymeri-zation?

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63. X-rays have same nature as:

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64. Who observed that when the nucleus of uranium atom was bombarded with fast moving neutrons, it becomes so very unstable that it is immediately broken into two nuclei of nearly equal mass besides other fragments?

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65. In 1913, Mosley used the x-rays to determine:

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66. No two electrons in an atom can have the same values of all four quantum numbers according to:

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67. Plasma consists of:

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68. Alpha rays consists of:

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69. The reasons for less experimental yield than theoretical yield are reversible reaction, side reaction and:

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70. The fundamental particle that has been least mass is:

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71. To obtain 2.70 of silver (at. Mass 108) from an aqueous solution of AgNO₃ it is required to pass:

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72. Alcohols are isomeric with:

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73. 0.2 mole of an inert gas were added to the system 2Hl(g) ⇌ H₂(g) + I₂(g) at equilibrium. The dissociation of HI will:

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74. The α-particle is:

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75. Adipic acid and hexa methylenediamine on polymerization form:

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76. The atomic wt. of uranium is 238 and its atomic number 92. In course of its radioactive disintegration 8α and 6β particles are emitted, the atomic wt. and atomic no. of the resultant atoms are:

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77. Molarity of pure water is:

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78. An ion having negative charge is called:

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