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Chemistry Solution And Liquid State Test Online MCQs

Test Name Solution And Liquid State MCQs Test
Subject Chemistry
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Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Get all the Chemistry Solution And Liquid State MCQs Test Online to prepare for the Mock test. increase your knowledge about solution and Liquid state by attempting these questions online. Chemistry Solution And Liquid State MCQs Test Online are given below.

Chemistry Solution And Liquid State Test Online MCQs


1. Which one of the statements given below concerning properties of solutions, describes a colligative effect?


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2. The normality of orthophosphoric acid having purity of 70% by weight and specific gravity 1.54 is:


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3. Pure benzene freezes at 5.45°C. A 0.374 m solution of tetrachloroethane in benzene freezes at 3.55°C. The Kf for benzene is:   


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4. The molar concentration of 20 g of NaOH present in 5 liter of solution is:


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5. 0.450 g of urea (mol. Wt. 60) in 22.5g of water show 0.170°C of elevation in boiling point. The molal elevation constant of water is:


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6. Van’t Hoff factor is:


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7. An aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid


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8. Exactly 1 g of urea dissolved in 75 g of water gives a solution that boils at 100.114°C at 760 torr. The molecular weight of urea is 60.1. The boiling point elevation constant for water is


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9. I mo1 each of the following compounds is dissolved in 1L of solution. Which will have the largest ∆Tb value?


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10. The molarity of H₂SO₄ solution, which has a density 1.84 g/cc. at 35°C and contains 98% by weight, is:


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11. The vapour pressure of pure benzene at a certain temperature is 0.850 bar. A non-volatile, non-electrolyte solid weighing 0.5 g is added to 39.0 g of benzene (molar mass 78 g/mo1). The vapour pressure of the solution then is 0.845 bar. What is the molecular mass of the solid substance?


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12. On mixing 3 g of non – volatile solute in 200 mL of water, its boiling point (100°C) becomes 100.52°C. If Kb for water is 0.6 K/m then molecular wt. of solute is:


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13. 20 g of a substance were dissolved in 500 mL of water and the osmotic pressure of the solution was found to be 600 mm of mercury at 15°C. The molecular weight of substance is:


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14. 0.01 M solution of KC1 and BaC1₂ are prepared in water. The freezing point of KC1 is found to be –2°C. What is the freezing point of BaC1₂ to be completely ionised?


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15. A 5% solution (by mass) of cane sugar in water has freezing point of 271 K and freezing point of pure water is 273.15 K. The freezing point of a 5% solution (by mass) of glucose in water is


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