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Circulation of Body Fluid Practice Test Online Question Answer

Test Name Circulation of Body Fluid Test
Subject Biology
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The passage of lymph for example takes much longer than that of blood. Blood is a fluid consisting of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets that is circulated by the heart through the vertebrate vascular system, carrying oxygen and nutrients to and waste materials away from all body tissues.Vertebrates circulate blood, a fluid connective tissue, in their body, to transport essential substances to the cells and to carry waste substances from there. Another fluid, lymph is also used for the transport of certain substances.Here you can get Circulation of Body Fluid Practice Test Online Question Answer Quiz in order to get complete preparation for Biology as well.

Circulation of Body Fluid Practice Test Online Question Answer


1. ANF (Atria Natruretic Factor) is:

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2. The first tap like sound heard at the time of measuring blood pressure represents:

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3. The instruments used to measure the blood pressure is:

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4. Antibodies are produced by:

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5. The difference between systolic and diastolic  pressure is called:

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6. Defibrinated blood in:

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7. Antibodies are synthesized in:

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8. The blood leaving the lungs is richer in:

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9. William Harvey is known for the discovery of:

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10. The ion that is necessary for coagulation of blood is:

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11. Double circulation is found in:

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12. Smallest RBC are found in:

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13. Heart of rabbit is:

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14. Source of Fibrinogen is:

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15. The electrodes of the ‘pacemaker’ are inserted into the:

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16. Heart is completely enclosed by a membrane known as:

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17. The renal portal system is found in:

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18. Blood pressure is measure usually from the:

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19. The largest lymphatic organ in the body is:

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20. The life of erythrocytes in mammalian blood is:

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