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CLAT Previous Paper 2011 Test Online

Test Name CLAT Previous Paper 2011 Test
Subject Law
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 40
Total Marks 80
Total Time 40
Test Help For
  • Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)
  • All India Law Entrance Test (AILET)
  • Basic Knowledge about Law
  • Judiciary Jobs
  • Legal Adviser jobs
  • Careers at Law

There are a number of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate level competitive law entrance exams in India which needs to get prep at high level.Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a centralized test for admission to 18 prominent National Law Universities in India. The test is taken after the Higher Secondary Examination or the 12th grade for admission to integrated undergraduation programmes in Law and after Graduation in Law for Master of Laws(LL.M) programmes conducted by these law universities.The two-hour admission test consists of objective type covering questions on Elementary Mathematics or Numerical Ability, English with Comprehension, General knowledge and Current affairs, Legal Aptitude and Legal Awareness and Logical reasoning.

CLAT Previous Paper 2011 Test Online Question Answer Mcqs



1. A cylindrical tennis ball container can contain maximum three balls stacked on one another. The top and bottom balls also touch the lid and the base of the container respectively. If the volume of a tennis ball is 240 cm³, then what is the volume of the volume of the container?  

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2. Arun can climb a Coconut tree by 1.5 feet by each lift; however he slips 0.5 feet every time he makes the next life. How many individual lifts he will have to reach the top of the Coconut tree of 18.5 feet?

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3. Which one of the following statements, if true, is best described as an assertion of opinion rather than an assertion of fact?

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4. Who was appointed as the Chairman of the National Innovation Council in August 2010?

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5. The Shunglu panel was constituted for which of the following issues?

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6. Which prominent Barrister-politician, who was closely linked with the emergency proclamation of 1975, breathed his last in Kolkata on 6th November 2010?

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7. Z, X, T, N, …….

What is the next alphabet in this sequence?

Question 7 of 40

8. The 10th term of the series: 5, 8, 11, 14, ________ is:

Question 8 of 40

9. Name the Kenya-born political lobbyist who runs a firm called Vaishnavi Corporate Communications, and has recently been in news?

Question 9 of 40

10. ‘Apple, Application, ___________, Approval, Apricot, April’.

Which of the following best fits in the blank?

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11. Ms. Jhulan Goswami scores 102 runs in the 18th innings of her career and thus increases her average by 5. After the 18th inning, her average is:

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12. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting of 2010 December was held in which of the following places?

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13. If the length and height of a brick increases by 10% each respectively, and the breadth reduces by 20%, what is the percentage change in the volume of the brick?

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14. Indian driver Karun Chandok was recently in the news for which of the following?

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15. A, B, D, G, K, P, …………

What is the last alphabet in this sequence?

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16. Which of the following pairings is incorrect?

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17. Advark, Eerie, liwi, Oolong, __________

Which of the following words follows the pattern of this series?

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18. Difference between two numbers is 9 and difference between their squares is 981. Lowest of the two numbers is:

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19. B, C, E, G, K, M, Q, S, …………

What is the next alphabet in this sequence?

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20. In which case did the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court on July 14, 2010 commute the death sentence of six accused to rigorous life imprisonment?

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21. Francis has 18 eggs out of which 12 eggs were sold at 10% loss than the cost price. At what markup should he sell the remaining eggs top cover his losses?

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22. “War on Terrorism or American Strategy for Global Dominance” is authored by which of the following authors?

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23. A box contains 90 discs which are numbered from 1 to 90. If one disc is drawn at random from the box, the probability that it bears a perfect square number is:

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24. Who is the author of the book ‘Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his Struggle with India’, criticized for its content?

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25. 14th March 2011 was the 80th Anniversary of the first Indian sound Film (talkie). Which Movie was it?

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26. Which one of the following statements is best described as an assertion of opinion rather than an assertion of fact?

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27. ‘387924, ____________, 3724, 423, 32, 2,’. Which number is missing?

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28. A bag contains 19 red balls, 37 blue balls and 27 green balls. If a ball is picked up from this bag at random, what is the probability of picking a blue ball?

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29. Which internationally renowned musician collaborated with Rahul Sharma to release a music album titled ‘Namaste India’?

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30. A man walks from his house to the Railway station to catch a train, which is running as per schedule. If he walks at 6 km/hr, he misses the train by 9 minutes. However, if he walks at 7 km/hr, he reaches the station 6 minutes before the departure of train. The distance of his home to the Railway Station is:

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31. The ratio of two numbers is 4 : 5. But, if each number is increased by 20, the ratio becomes 6 : 7. The sum of such numbers is:

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32. Akbar will turn 50 when his son Jahangir turns 18. What will be Akbar’s age when it will be exactly 5 times that of Jahangir?

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33. A flag pole 18 m high casts a shadow 9.6 m long. What is the distance of the top of the pole from the far end of the shadow?

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34. Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Amir and Salman Butt (Cricket players of Pakistan) have been banned for being found guilty of spot fixing. To which of the following institutions have they applead?

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35. Ranjeetha walks around the circular park in 15 minutes. If she walks at the rate of 5 km/hr. how much distance would she have to travel, at the minimum, to reach the center of the park from any point on its perimeter?

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36. In a staff room of 29 teachers, 13 drink black coffee, 7 milk coffee, 9 drink both tea and either type of coffee, and everyone drinks either of the beverages. How many teachers drink only tea?

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37. ‘Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Monday, Sunday, ____________’.

Which of the following best fits in the blank?

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38. Irom Sharmila has been fasting for the last 10 years to protest against which of the following issues?

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39. ‘Gym, hymn, lynx, pygmy, rhythm’

Which of the following words does not belong to the above set?

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40. Which Gharana of Classical singing did Late Pandit Bhimsen Joshi belong to?

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