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Cooperatives GK Test Online

Test Name Cooperatives Info Test
Subject General Knowledge
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 25
Total Marks 50
Total Time 25 Minutes
Test Help For
  • Cooperatives Info Test
  • India Cooperatives Banks Info
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • Entrance Exams
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  • Interviews Prep.

Cooperatives GK Test Online

General Knowledge

1. mark reviewThe largest source of financing the public sector outlay of the Tenth Five Year Plan comes from

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2. mark reviewThe Planning Commission is

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3. mark reviewThe objective of self-reliance and zero net foreign aid was declared in

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4. mark reviewWhich one of the following is the task of the Planning commission?

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5. mark reviewEconomic Planning is a subject

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6. mark reviewIn India, the concepts of “minimum needs” and “directed anti-poverty programmes” were the innovations of

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7. mark reviewThe main object of first Five-year Plan was

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8. mark reviewIn which Plan was t he growth rate target exceeded?

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9. mark reviewIn which of the Five Year Plans, preference was given to the weaker sections of the society?

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10. mark reviewThe five year plans of India intend to develop the country industrially through

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11. mark reviewDuring which Five Year Plan was the total expenditure on agriculture the highest?

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12. mark reviewWho is the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission?

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13. mark reviewThe Second five year plan laid more stress upon

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14. mark reviewThe National Development Council gets its administrative support from

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15. mark reviewIndia had a plan holiday

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