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Data Structure Test 3 Online MCQs

Test Name Data Structure Test 3
Subject Computer
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 15
Total Marks 30
Total Time 15 Mints
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Data Structure Test 3 Online MCQs


1. When is insertion sort a good choice for sorting an array?

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2. Selection sort and quick sort both fall into the same category of sorting algorithms. What is this category?

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3. Binary search tree is a

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4. What is the complexity of Ford-Fulkerson algorithm?

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5. When inorder traversing a tree resulted E A C K F H D B G; the preorder traversal would return

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6. Suppose you have an array of N elements, containing only 2 distinct keys, true and false. Given an O(N) algorithm to sort the array.

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7. What is the worst-case time for quick sort to sort an array of n elements?

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8. Suppose that a selection sort of 100 items has completed 42 iterations of the main loop. How many items are now guaranteed to be in their final spot (never to be moved again)?

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9. Which one of the following is not composite type?

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10. For a nonempty tree T, if n0 is the number of leaf nodes and n2 the number of nodes of degree 2 then

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11. Which algorithm is used to find out the maximum flow from a source to a sink in a graph?

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12. Suppose we are sorting an array of ten integers using a some quadratic sorting algorithm. After four iterations of the algorithm’s main loop, the array elements are ordered as shown here: 1 2 3 4 5 0 6 7 8 9
Which statement is correct? (Note: Our selection sort picks largest items first.)

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13. A(n) ________ is a graph in which each connection has two directions.

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14. Which one of the followings is a probabilistic data structure?

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15. The property of hash function is that

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