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DNA Genetic Material Online Test Question Answer

Test Name DNA Genetic Material Test
Subject Biology
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Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20
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DNA Genetic Material Online Test Question Answer Quiz


1. Prokaryotic plasm ids can replicate in yeast cells if they contain a cloned yeast …

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2. Which of the following statements about DNA polumerase I is correct?

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3. A solution contains DNA polymerase, I, Mg²⁺ salts of dATP, dGTP, dCTP, and dTTP, and an appropriate buffer. Which of the following DNA molecules would serve as a template for DNA synthesis when added to this solution.

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4. During DNA replication, the synthesis of the leading strand occurs in the 5’→ 3’; direction along with the movement of the replication fork. Which one of the following statements is true about the synthesis of the lagging strand?

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5. A bacterial culture growing in a medium containing 15NH4CI is switched to a medium containing 14NH4CI for three generations (resulting into eight fold increased in its population), what is the molar ratio of hybrid DNA (15N-14N) to light DNA (14N-14N) at this point?

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6. Which of the sequences listed below best describe the order in which the following enzymes participate in the replication of DNA in bacteria?

1) DNA polymerase I

2) 5’→3’ Exonuclease

3) DNA polymerase III

4) DNA ligase

5) Primase

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7. Which enzyme removes the RNA primer and fills in deoxyribonucleorides in prokaryotic replicons?

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8. Characteristic unique in DNA is:

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9. DNA ligase of E.coli requires which of the following cofactors?

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10. Which of the following features of transcription is similar to that of replication?

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11. The essential initiator protein at the E. coli origin of replication is …

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12. E.coli cells that had been cultured in a light medium containing 14N-ammonium chloride as the sole nitrogen source were transferred to a heavy medium containing 15N-ammonium chloride. After three generations of growth in the heavy medium, what will be the proportion of dual light strands (LL), dual heavy strands (HH) and hybrid light-plus-heavy strands (LH) in the DNA duplexes?

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13. Approximately how many Okazaki fragments are synthesized during one round of the E. coli genome?

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14. The fact that DNA polymerase I from E. coli has a 5’-3’ exonuclease activity’

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15. Okazaki fragments are used to elongate:

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16. Which of the following activities is typical of histones during replication of eukaryotic DNA?

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17. DNA replication under going in an E. coli cell resulted into two  circular DNAs interlocked with each other; this may be due to a defective gene encoding:

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18. In prokaryotes, the lagging primers are removed by …

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19. Correct statements describing DNA polymerase I include which of the following?

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20. Which phase would a cell enter if it was starved of mitogens before the R point?

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