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Earth Everyday Science GK Test Practice Mcqs Online

Test Name Earth (Planet) Info Test
Subject Science
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 30
Total Marks 60
Total Time 30 Minutes
Test Help For
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  • General Knowledge

Earth Everyday Science GK Test Practice Mcqs Online

General Knowledge

1. mark reviewGreen House Effect means ?

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2. mark reviewSummer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere occurs on ?

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3. mark reviewAt the core of the earth, the temperature is estimated to be around ?

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4. mark reviewHeat received by earth from the sun is known as ?

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5. mark reviewThe earth’s annual circuit round the sun covers a distance of ?

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6. mark reviewThe fixed path along which the earth revolves round the sun is called ?

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7. mark reviewSeasons on earth are caused by ?

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8. mark reviewThe position of the earth in its orbit, when it is at its greatest distance from the sun causing summer in the Northern Hemisphere is ?

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9. mark reviewThe speed of rotation of the earth is the highest ?

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10. mark reviewDays and nights are equal throughout the globe when sun is above ?

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11. mark reviewThe time required for moon light to reach earth ?

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12. mark reviewWhat percentage of insolation is received by the earth’ surface ?

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13. mark reviewWhat is the approximate equatorial circumference of the earth ?

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14. mark reviewWhat is the maximum length of a day on the poles ?

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15. mark reviewThe world sued to describe the shape of earth is ?

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