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Electrochemistry Test Online MCQs

Test Name Electrochemistry Test Online MCQs
Subject Chemistry
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
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Electrochemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with the relations between electrical and chemical phenomena. Here you will get all the information about the electrochemistry in the form of multiple choice questions. Electrochemistry MCQs Test holds vast information. after attempting this quiz you will be able to answer all the viva, interview or entry test questions. Get all the questions and answers of electrochemistry below.

Electrochemistry Test Online MCQs


1. In the cell, Cu ; Cu⁺⁺ || Ag⁺ ; Ag

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2. Which of the following metals when coupled will give maximum e.m.f. for a voltaic cell.

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3. Aqueous solution of HCl conducts electricity because it:

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4. Salt Bridge is used because it:

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5. On passing electricity through copper sulphate solution, when platinum anode is used:

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6. Four elements A, B, C and D have the standard oxidation potential values are +2.82 V ; +2.71 V ; +1.67 V and -2.87V. The strongest reducing agent will be:

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7. During discharge in the case of lead storage batteries density of sulphuric acid:

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8. One mole of electrons is same as:

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9. More electropositive elements have more:

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10. Will tin displace lead from an aqueous solution of lead bromide?

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11. Voltaic cell stops functioning after sometimes because there is:

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12. At infinite dilution of an electrolyte, the equivalent conductance of cations and anions are:

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13. The compound commonly used as electrolyte in lead storage batteries is:

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14. The SPR values of three elements A, B and C are +2.37V; -1.85V and -1.36V respectively. So the order of their reducing power will be:

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15. In the cell Cu; Cu⁺⁺ || Ag⁺ ; Ag electrons will flow from:

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16. It is impossible to measure the actual voltage of any half cell by itself because:

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17. Is the reaction 2Al + 3Fe²⁺  2Al³⁺  3Fe possible?

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18. For reducing 1 mole of ferrous ions to iron the number of faradays of electricity required will be:

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19. The numbers of faradays required to liberate 1 mole of any element tells about:

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20. To obtain 2.70 of silver (at. Mass 108) from an aqueous solution of AgNO₃ it is required to pass:

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