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Electrostatics and Current Electricity Test Online MCQs

Test Name Electrostatics and Current Electricity MCQs Test
Subject Physics
Test Type MCQs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20 Mints
Test Help For
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  • All Admissions Test.
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Online Test of the Electrostatics and Current Electricity is uploaded for the visitors. All the candidates attempt this test to increase their knowledge and prepare for the MCAT, written test, Admission test and jobs and recruitment test. Electrostatics and Current Electricity MCQs Test is given below.

Electrostatics and Current Electricity Test Online MCQs


1. A positively charged rod is brought near an uncharged conductor. If the rod is then suddenly withdrawn the charge left on the conductor will be:

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2. A charge of 5 C is placed at the center of a spherical Gaussian surface of radius 5 cm. The electric flux through the surface is:

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3. Maximum value of current intensity due to a charged sphere is at:

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4. Electric intensity is equal to:

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5. The potential of a spherical conductor of radius 3 m is 6 V. The potential at its center is:

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6. Electric lines of force about a +ve point charge are:

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7. Where is the electric potential due to a charged shell constant?

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8. Two charges are placed a certain distance apart. A metallic sheet is placed between them. What will happen to the force between the charges?

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9. For an irregularly shaped charged conductor, the potential is:

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10. A cubical Gaussian surfaces encloses 30 C of charge. The electric flux through each surface of the cube is:

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11. Electric potential V due to a dipole is related to the distance r of the observation point as:

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12. The work done in displacing a charge of 2 C through 0.5 m on an equipotential surface is:

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13. Electric potential is:

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14. A charge is moved against electric repulsion in an electric field. Which of the following is correct?

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15. A positively charged glass rod is brought near the disc of uncharged gold leaf electroscope. The leaves diverge. Which one of the following statement is correct?

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16. Two balls carrying charges + 8 µ C and – 5 µ C attract each other with a force F. If a charge – 3 µ C  is added to both, the force between the balls will be:

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17. Conductivity of a conductor depends upon:

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18. Work done in carrying 2 C charge in a circular path of radius 3 m around a charge of 10 C is:

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19. Where does the electric potential due to a charge conducting shell vary inversely as the dis tanve from its centre?

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20. What is the electric potential at a center of a charged shell of radius 0.1 m if the potential at its surface is 10 V?

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