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English One Word Substitution Online Test 2

Test Name English One Word Substitution Test
Subject English
Test Type Mcqs
Total Question 20
Total Marks 40
Total Time 20
Test Help For
  • English Synonyms Test
  • English Vocabulary
  • English Language Course
  • SSC ¬†Test
  • Banks Test
  • LIC Test
  • PSC Test
  • CDS
  • NDA
  • RAILWAYS Jobs Test
  • Other Competitive Exams

Substitution means alternative provided against the concerned one.It usually covers good marks in every exam held for the specific purpose. This test will also build your vocabulary as well as complete grip upon using various words for each other.One Word Substitutions is one of the most important part of English section in SSC,CGL, SSC CHSL, Banks, LIC, PSC, MBA, CDS, NDA, RAILWAYS & Other Competitive Exams like In English language there are a lots of single words for a group of words that can be placed.Following are the 20 questions for which you will have to select one of the four options in given in series form accordingly.

English One Word Substitution Online Test 2 Solved Mcqs


1. A place that provides refuge

Question 1 of 15

2. A person who eats too much

Question 2 of 15

3. A physician who specializes in skin diseases

Question 3 of 15

4. A disease that affects a large number of people in an area at the same time

Question 4 of 15

5. A large dark grey cloud that brings rain or snow

Question 5 of 15

6. A person who tries to deceive people by claiming to be able to do wonderful things

Question 6 of 15

7. A religious discourse

Question 7 of 15

8. A disease which ends in death

Question 8 of 15

9. A general pardon granted by the government to political offenders

Question 9 of 15

10. A short stay at a place

Question 10 of 15

11. A person who does not believe in the existence of God

Question 11 of 15

12. A person who believes that pleasure is the chief good

Question 12 of 15

13. A person who is fond of sensuous enjoyment

Question 13 of 15

14. A place for sick people who need long periods for recovery

Question 14 of 15

15. A speech made by someone for the first time

Question 15 of 15


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